Redesigned pricing tools, all in your calendar

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London, United Kingdom

Redesigned pricing tools, all in your calendar

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Now you can adjust your prices, change your availability, and review any discounts or promotions you’ve set in one place: a new pricing tab on your hosting calendar.


No matter which tool you use, we’ll show you how the pricing changes you make affect what the guest pays and what you earn. We’re also updating how price breakdowns are displayed and improving the weekly and monthly discount tool to help support your earnings goals.


The tools are among the 25 upgrades for Hosts in the Airbnb 2023 Summer Release. Get Early Access to start using them today. Once you opt in, you won’t be able to go back to the current version. Learn more on the Resource Center.


Have you tried the redesigned pricing tools? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I have seen the great additions that Airbnb has given us but I do have 1 primary concern.

In the old calendar if I highlighted days on the right side a handy "price tips" would pop up and I could click on it to see the rate Airbnb would suggest. Now with the new "Pricing Tools" I do not see that anywhere. Am I missing something? has it been relocated to a different spot?

I used the price tips every day but now they seem to be gone 😞

Does anyone have any ideas?

Yes, it's gone and been replaced with the price range from similar listings nearby. I completely agree the night price tip recommendations were very useful and really miss it. The new price range tool is quite interesting but in terms of setting an accurate price that will get you a booking, it's really not good.  I'd much prefer the price tip back. Or why not have both!

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São Sebastião, Brazil

Hi @Oliver255 , I have yet to see the "price range for similar listings" 

Please could you tell me how to switch this on or find it?
I originally could not find it after the release, so I assumed it was because it was not activated in Brazil.

It was not a problem because I still had the original Smart price suggestion.

But now I have nothing and I must manually look at other listings to adjust my price.

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London, United Kingdom

I stupidly opted into the Early Access Features as the improvements all ostensibly seemed liked good ideas (and some are) but the redesigned pricing tool is a total disaster.


Firstly for some reason you have removed the ability to view and edit custom stay lengths when selecting a date or series dates. on the calendar. I uses to use this a lot as although I have my minimum stay set to 3 days, if I had a night or two between stays I would then adjust these to a lower minimum. In order to do that now you have to go to a new 'Availability' tab and enter a new custom trip length.  It' also very buggy as once you add a new custom trip length it wipes all previous ones added with the old version and you can't add any new ones after August! Why on earth you'd move this away from the main pricing tab is beyond me. There is plenty of room there and if you make the new unnecessarily massive price font smaller there would be even more room!


You've also removed the custom rules options as well (e.g only allow check in on a Tuesday etc.). In fact I can't even find where this is now.


Thirdly, one of the new features is the addition of seeing the prices of other listings in your area. While this is quite interesting it isn't as useful as you'd expect as the price range they give is quite broad and they don't just compare with identical properties (i.e. same number of bedrooms) so in terms of setting a nightly price that has a higher change or getting booked it isn't any good. But what is very odd is they've removed the old recommended nightly price which showed you a price that was likely to get booked. Why on earth could you not keep this as well as the new pricing range?


I really wish I hadn't opted into the early access and I'd pay good money to revert back to the previous version.

Not being able to set a minimum night stay for a specific date right on the calendar is very annoying and kind of a disaster for me.

Same. What a mess. 

I am a newer host that just started using AIRBNB. I know nothing  about how to price or nothing about a pricing tool. I just lowered my price through the end of May 2024 from $242 to $200.  Can I get your help with pricing?

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Sherron7Welcome to Airbnb and our community forum, where Hosts come together to share experiences and help each other. For more visibility, I suggest starting a new conversation here.



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