Making your calendar easier to manage in the app

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Making your calendar easier to manage in the app

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A Host’s calendar is one of the most frequently used parts of the Airbnb app. We’re rolling out two upgrades to make it easier to manage yours on mobile: swipe to select multiple dates and a yearly view that’s similar to what’s available on desktop. We’ve also moved your pricing tools to a new tab to your calendar, bringing them all together in one convenient place.


These calendar improvements are among the 25 upgrades for Hosts in the Airbnb 2023 Summer Release. Get Early Access to start using them today. Once you opt in, you won’t be able to go back to the current version. Learn more on the Resource Center.


Have you tried the latest calendar upgrades? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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Huntington Beach, CA

Beware opting in on the "early access 2023" beta testing. Some of the new tools are helpful, but the calendar is apparently glitchy. After using the new version for about a month, some of my calendar dates suddenly froze! Tech support cannot seem to fix this (explain the problem, or even give a time frame for response.)


Example: I cannot adjust Memorial Day trip length to a 3-day weekend. Custom dates tool does not work and my frozen calendar will only allow guests to book a 5-day stay. Nothing will override this––on my end or with tech support help. The holiday weekend starts tomorrow and nobody is interested in 5 days, so I will miss out on a valuable rental period. I'm really disappointed and am about to make my 4th call to host services...wish me luck.

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Bodrum, Turkey

Hey all, i am one of the early users of summer 2023 release as a Muğla Türkiye community leader.


Here are some obstacles me and my people face. I will explain them one by one.


1. The calendar: the calendar seems nicer but there is abig problem with it. Wehere is our price suggestions by airbnb, they are all gone?

Most of the people in Turkey set their prices by looking at Airbnb's price suggestions but now it is taken away from us! How do i know that? I know it because 3rd party pricing apps are expensive for us because of the low value of local currency so almost nobody uses it. Plus, i give counselling to hundereds of host around the country to built up a better airbnb business and better accomodation to guests. 3rd, as a comunity leader, many people on our group and in other groups asking how to set prices now? By lookşng at what. So that is how i know. Please give our pricing suggestions back as soon as possible. Because it takes time for any host to figure out how to set the right price for their properties! 


2.New price comparison feature in our calendars. It seems in 2023 summer release video, one of the feature says that, after the summer release we would be able to compare similar listing's prices and will be able to set our own pricing accordingly. However this feature is not yet available. So it is totally hard for us to set the right price and get bookings. Make it available as soon as possible pls. 


3.About the rulsets. Can somebody please publish a nice and detsiled video to show us how the rulesets work? Untill it is available as a feature many people have no idea how to use and benefit from that. The video talking about rulesets in official Airbnb youtube channel offers not enough information.


4.Most importantly, as a host in this business for more than 7 years and as a traveller visited 40 countries and used platforms like airbnb to stay in for my travels... I can say that new releases are so important for our community. It shows us that Airbnb as a company do take care about our feedbacks and try to fix sth or add new features to better the business. However, summer release just before the season starts, for millions of hosts in the northern hemisphere is causing many problems during updating phase. Last year in 2022 because of the summer release we have lost alot of bookings for june. We couldnt reach our calendars to set prices, olur listings to change things and our messages to chat with our guests. This is so so bad for the continuum or our business. I wish summer release would be available at least 2 months before the summer like march. So this way we wouldn't loose bookings for our best months like june. Or, i think maybe you can consider having only one release every year, on january which would be better and cause less problem during the orientation and update process. 

Onur Kağan Göçebe
Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Onur-Kağan0 ,


Thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts about the releases!


Have you opted in for early access? If so, you should be able to access the price comparison tool. You may explore more information about it here: New pricing tool compares similar listings nearby


You may also add your feedback for the Airbnb Team if you have early access by following the below steps : 

  • Select a feature from the list.
  • Tap or click Share feedback.
  • Add your feedback and tap or click Submit feedback.

I hope it helps and thanks again for sharing such a detailed feedback! Really appreciate it.



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Hi. I totally agree with you. Moreover, I’ve already found some issues with the new version:
1. It doesn’t show any any of the previous filters (minimum nights filters personalized for each day). But they exist, they are applied to your calendar somehow, but you can’t literally see them written anywhere, so you cannot edit them or remove them by yourself. You have to make a ticket on Airbnb every time you need to make a filter change. Attention, I am not talking about the general rule that one sets with the listing, a minimum nights rule applied for all the calendar. 
2. You can’t edit a promotion. You can only remove it / delete it, hoping you can then create another one for the same period. But the problem is that once you’ve deleted the already existing one, it does not allow you to creat another promotion for the same period, it block it. Has anyone experienced that too?
I really hope this new version will be improved or even better, I wish we could go back to the previous one, it was much better and user friendly, we had more flexibility with it, we could do more things.
Thank you!