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    We’ve had an amazing few days celebrating hospitality here in the Community Center and can’t think of a better way to conclude the Festival of Hospitality 2022 but with a video created by our community! We want to thank all that were involved and their... Latest reply by Jue0
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    We own a small studio condo near a ski resort. There is very limited closet space mostly consists of built-in cabinets. We would like to make one cabinet our owner's cabinet and are looking for a lock that would work for it. Ideally, the lock would be eit... Latest reply by Quincy
    Hi I have a small 2 bedroom apartment in Voula and wish to look into how I can use a co-host or property management service to help with letting it out as a holiday flat. I have listed it on Airbnb in the past but have the friend that was taking care of h... Latest reply by Quincy
    Hi, is anyone facing the same as me for December and January? I suddently decreased my views massively and not bookings at all, I am very concerned, is anyone having the same problem? Price is even lower than usual however I dont get views and just one bo... Latest reply by Anthony223
    Are there any communities (forums) on Airbnb Community Centre that are specific to a country or city? I'm looking to get some information on Istanbul hosting rules and management fees etc on their local forum. Any help would be appreciated. Latest reply by Emiel1
    Hello all. I am looking to set up a mother in law suite as an Airbnb. Do you think I could rent it without them having access to a thermostat if in the listing it stated the temperature would always be set at 73? The home’s AC system is not separate from ... Latest reply by Lorna170
    My guest messaged me last night to say they were going to be checking out a day early. Their reasoning was “nothing isopen”. Everything in town was open other than the public library due to the fact the staff are on strike. Seriously doubt that’s why they... Latest reply by Kate867