Adding an optional casita/apartment

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Adding an optional casita/apartment

We have a main house with the ability to adda casita for large groups. I don't know how to present that option to guests clearly. I have written it out in the description and in photo captions but the new photo tour makes it hard to see the captions and the description is somewhat buried too.


The main house is 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and that's a base price. I use the extra guest fee to charge an additional $75/night to add the casita. That works well for groups of 7 or more. The problem is with smaller groups that want all four bedrooms. For example, 4 single people traveling together who want separate rooms. 


Here's how I currently have the description (but you've got to click "see more" to get all this info and people often don't read this far)...


About this space
Villa Nellcôte sits on a hill overlooking the Zona Romantica. The view is absolutely magical, both day and night: bay, open ocean, city lights, mountains & jungle. It's unparalleled.

The villa is the much-loved second home of a world renowned Chef. Expect a well-equipped kitchen and insider recommendations for the best tacos, oysters & cocktails.

This is PV at it's luxurious best - dramatic pool, beautiful Mexican design (4 cupolas!) & comfortable, spacious privacy. You won't want to leave.
The space
One of a kind home with open-plan living room and chef's kitchen leading to 21-foot wide pocket doors opening onto a stunning patio with pool, sofas, bbq, and view that will take your breath away.

Upstairs holds three spacious bedrooms each with an ensuite bath and more views. The doors to each of the bedrooms are hundreds-years-old colonial hacienda doors that have been restored. The beds have Egyptian cotton sheets, comfy mattresses and hypo-allergenic pillows. The bathrooms have soft fluffy towels.

Head out onto the balcony and stairs lead you to the rooftop terrace with 5-person jacuzzi. No better place for star-gazing.

Optional casita - the main house is 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths but you can also rent our casita/apartment. If you'd like to add on the casita please select 7 guests as that will trigger the additional nightly charge and we'll open the casita for you. With it's own entrance, this adorable self-sufficient apartment has a living room, kitchenette, queen bed, full bathroom, and loft with a twin bed. Great for overflow guests or trustworthy teenagers who like to stay up later than the rest of the family.

A couple of notes:
Our home is a bad place to bring toddlers. There is a 27-foot drop from the pool to the street below. This makes for a spectacular pool experience, but it would be a tragedy if a child fell over the edge. The drop is even higher from the rooftop terrace.

Also, the stairs to the second floor are open (no banister).
Guest access
Villa Nellcôte will be all yours including the garage.
Other things to note
We welcome all races, countries of origin, religions, genders, and sexual orientations.
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Maybeee  list it separately  with  the ability to book  both  has an option..     You  might find it  gets guests who only want the casita when house is empty and  also stops people from  thinking it  is included  inn  the  house  rental.  Also I  don't  know your area  but  $75  seems low for a whole  apartment not  another   bedroom...  

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@Maisie5 You have to have three separate listings- the main house, the casita, and both combined. You need to link the calendars of all three, with the combined listing being the main one, because if that is booked it affects both other listings. 


You've explained it well, but guests don't read. 

Hi @Maisie5  - what an interesting situation. I think the method you have for approaching it is good but perhaps to be refined. We can see many situations where folks may wish to have use of the casita (it's cute, private, fun, etc) and they would be below the "7" occupancy.


You should add something like: for groups of 7 or more the casita is automatically included in your reservation with an additional fee from the guest count.


For groups with 6 or less occupants, who wish to have use of the Casita, please let us know with your reservation. There is an additional fee of "XYZ". We are happy to make it available to you. Please note that use of the Casita is not automatic for groups of 6 or less.


And if you haven't already, add appropriate comments about the casita in your 'other things to note', house rules, property description and in the captions of the photos.


The other really good alternative is to just have two listings as mentioned. One that doesn't have use of the casita and one with both, with different occupancy. You may end up with better revenue overall with this method. You can cross reference your listings and guests can decide which option best suits them. 


Much success,

Greystone Lodge


I agree that the photo tour is not always the best options for representing how a property is organized. I don't like how the 'tour' depicts our home. It is disjointed and doesn't flow correctly.


Bathrooms that are ensuite to a bedroom are removed from the 'suite', so it isn't obvious which bathroom goes with which bedroom. 


Our outdoor spaces are removed from the rooms they are attached too, so it isn't obvious what is going on. And so on.


I am considering updating my listing so that we aren't subject to the 'photo tour' version of the photo layout. Instead I would like to use how I initially set it up, as if you were walking thru the space, etc. 


You may consider trying both methods to see which is more intuitive to your guests.


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Hello @Maisie5, it's lovely to see that you have received so many excellent suggestions from our expert hosts. Did you eventually take on board any of the advice shared? 😀



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Thanks to everyone who responded! Very helpful!


I've split the listing into two - one with the casita and one without. Will give that a go and adjust if necessary. 

Hi @Maisie5 

In addition to all the other great suggestions, I would add a line in your main description so Guests don't have to hit the "Show More" button to learn about the Casita:


"Villa Nellcôte sits on a hill overlooking the Zona Romantica. The view is absolutely magical, both day and night: bay, open ocean, city lights, mountains & jungle. It's unparalleled. An optional casita/apartment is also available on the property - click "Show More" for details."



If you can, I would add a drone shot of the property that shows the location of the Casita and add that to your photos. You can add a text box superimposed on photos. That said, sometimes Airbnb won't allow text on photos to prevent Hosts from sneaking in a link or QR code to a direct booking site. I have seen many Hosts use a text box with arrows to explain parking or how to enter the property though.