AirBnB won't sync with the other calendar.

AirBnB won't sync with the other calendar.

I have another calendar and AirBNB will NOT sync with it. I don't know what is wrong since other calendars like google works well. Can someone help me?

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For technical issues you would need to give Airbnb a call @Jugert0 

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Hi @Jugert0 ! Welcome to the Community Center🌻!

Did you happen to talk to Airbnb Customer Support as Helen advised? 

There's an article that briefs about Connecting your Airbnb calendar to other websites

Would you mind sharing, which other calendars you're looking to sync with your Airbnb Calendar? There have been a few conversations similar to your concern, incase you wanted to explore the comments from other Hosts about such issues : Click here to view discussions.



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Hi @Jugert0 

I believe unless it's an ical calendar type link it won't sync with Airbnb?