Tip of the Week 10: Clear instructions for smart locks

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Tip of the Week 10: Clear instructions for smart locks

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In the tenth of our Tip of the Week series, we're sharing a great guide for creating clear instructions for your smart locks.  


Choosing the right locks and preventing lock outs are always frequently asked about on the Community Center, so we wanted to share Superhost @Nur785's tip to send guests specific step by step instructions with photos:


"Step 1: Locate the code you received on Airbnb app on the day you made the reservation. 

Step 2: The key pad is on the upper left side of the door.. 

Step 3: Enter the code 

Step 4: Press the button with the logo 

Step 5: WAIT"


Do you use smart or keyless locks for your listing? We’d love to hear about how you chose your locks, whether you utilize Airbnb integration and how you ensure guests have all the info they to unlock the door! 


Let’s share some tips for minimizing confusion when it comes to smart locks.  And of course, don’t forget to give a thumbs up 👍 to the best tips shared. 😊

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I prefer to use a lock that I can control from my iPhone, like the Schlage Encode  https://amzn.to/3tgfOGk). The good thing about this lock is that you can program it to be active for certain times and dates so people don’t try to check in early or overstay their welcomes. I make sure to make this very clear in the instructions, as well as how to use it. I also inform guests that their code is the last four digits of the phone number that they supplied to Airbnb. 

I have two Schlage Encode's on my property as well (main entrance and mudroom). They work great!


@Aaron-And-Brenna0 Question for you

- Have you found an automated way to customize the codes to the last 4 digits of the guests phone number?


- Any idea how to sync the codes between 2 locks?

I just bought this lock but I am a granny don’t understand how to access it via my ring app. Or what app do you use to control it? Schlage says they don’t use the app to control the encodes? 

I added the Schlage to our house.  No problems.  Love that I can set times for each code,  and even my housekeeper and workers!

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Don’t buy Kwikset Halo!  Lol.  Guests will hate the SecureScreen technology and when they do manage to get through that they will very often find the lock batteries dead then need instructions for alternate ways into the door.  

But here’s my guest instructions 

“Front door: please be aware that the exterior locks include secure screen technology that displays 2–4 random digits prior to entering the house code. This is to help prevent code detection from remote cameras or fingerprints on the touchscreen surface. Just touch the 2 to 4 digits that are showing in any order, then the entire keypad will illuminate and you can enter the code: xxxx


Should anything go wrong with the smart lock, there’s a key to the front door in the lock box hung on the front door. Same code.


These codes and keys are changed for each guest but for extra security, we appreciate it if you would not share them with others.“

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For all my properties I do use Sifely Smart Locks, I do have gateways for all of them, that means I can control them from the distance, in many ways. I am very happy with them, the batteries lasts for several months , had them for 3 years now and I didn't had any issues so far.


Those are my instructions for the smart lock:


"️To open the lock to the apartment touch the keypad above the door handle until it lights up and then enter the code 9876# and the door will unlock.

In case you need more help, please click this link and follow the steps:


Note: the code in the video it’s not valid. Please use the code provided above.

The code is valid only after 4 pm, too many failed attempts will get the door locked, so make sure you tap the code right, or else you need to wait 5 minutes and then try again "


Since I had so many people asking how to use the smart lock, or I do see them on the outside security cameras struggling to punch the code, I was thinking to add a sticker with a QR code next to the door handle, taking them to the YouTube video on how to use my specific type of Smart Lock.


I do hope some of this info helps somebody out there, I'm really excited to see more ideas on how to make people use the smart locks easier. 


Wish everybody, lots of bookings and happy stays !


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These concise directions are nice! And the idea of the QR with a video link 👍👍 -- maybe you could even have it linked to a video you make yourself!



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Yep, I made the video in the check in instructions and post it on YouTube. 

The only issue sometimes is that the guest won't read the full message and they will ask how to get it and etc. The other day I had a couple, they couldn't get in, called me, I asked them if they've seen the video, they said yes, but the smart lock keep saying "system locked". I went there and punched the code in and worked just fine. the issue was they kept pressing the fingerprint button. If they would have watched the video, they wouldn't had this problem.

Conclusion: they never watched the video 😄

So, probably a QR code(with the video on how to use the smart lock) sticked on the door, followed with the message, "Scan Me" would be better, in my opinion. 

Great job explaining. I too have the Sifely lock and 10% of the time folks get locked out with too many attempts. The frustration comes from the times when touching the pad to get it to light results in a bad number being entered. The best advice I saw for this is always hit the # key to light. It never will register as an entry and allows you to continue with the actual code. 

Wow @William2196 , I didn't know this trick. Thank a lot for the great tip ! I'll have to try it. 

Good luck !

And yes, you're right, that's when the issue comes up. They always touch the fingerprint button. 


Have you ever had a problem with your Sifely lock where you enter the code, it says “unlocked”, you here the electronic mechanism in the lock go off, but when you turn the handle it turns smoothly and does not open the door?

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I use lockbox