Airbnb is deleting my listing after 5 years of great track record !

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Airbnb is deleting my listing after 5 years of great track record !



I have contacted Airbnb to know the issues that led to this removal and they have asked me to go through the appeal. I have gone through the appeal and yet it had been denied. I have provided documentation of the things I have done to address the issues I have had during the bookings of June 2023 and yet that wasn't enough. 


I had been 2 months since the end of June that I hadn't been having bad reviews and it shows that I had addressed the issues seriously. Though, beginning of September a tenant left me a bad review because of the heatwave that happened in the entire country, and the listing is on a crossroad which made it noisy for him to enjoy his stay. But this issue was beyond my control and nothing would have changed this. I had a Fan that was listed in the ameneties that was provided but nothing else could have changed the situation. 


This is so sad that after 5 years of having very good track record, to see that airbnb isn't responsive to my good intention in addressing the issues and handling them properly. They chose to remove it on the 15th of October... 


I have been trying to talk to the support team but it they haven't been able to really give me any information on any other way to handle this listing removal.. 


What can I do in this case? The appeal has been denied despite documentation, explanation and impeccable track record..  

I hope this reaches those concerned ! 



Nora @listingremoval

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I am experiencing a very similar issue. While not removal, they suspended my account over a "safety issue" which was bogus. They will not provide any clear information on how to handle the issue and even with listing restored, it is not showing up in searches. They just keep telling me it is back to normal. It is not. They help my listing hostage for over a week with no way to contact them or resolve the issue and it continues. We need answers on how to resolve these things. We deserve support!