Critique my listing - Megan in Oregon

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Critique my listing - Megan in Oregon

Hey Guys! Not new to AirBnB as I have been a frequent user, but finally purchased out own AirBnB! I first posted with minimal pictures and received 4 bookings almost immediately and now that I have photos, I have received 0 bookings 😞 I know its going to take a while and we need some reviews, but I was curious if you would like to take a look and provide this "newbie" with some feedback! Get that red pen out, I can take it!

View on AirbnbHome in Bend · ★New · 3 bedrooms · 6 beds · 2 bathrooms

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Hey there @Megan1288, your listing is absolutely gorgeous! 😍 I wish I could escape through my screen and be transported to your place! The snowy landscape you can see through the windows is stunning ❄️. I hope you don't mind but I made your photo bigger and added a direct link to your listing, so fellow hosts can view it easily 😊

Just tagging some of our wonderful hosts in the hopes they can provide some feedback 🙏🏽
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Thank you SO much!! I appreciate the support 

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@Megan1288  Your place is gorgeous! However, you don't have enough living room seating for up to 8 guests, and same with the dining table. You should rectify that with either more or different furniture, or by lowering your capacity. Personally, I'd stick with 6 guests, but I get it that with the bunk beds you might get a group with more. Your decision, but you do need to fix the furniture situation if you keep it at 8. 


Second, use the captions feature with the photos. Explain to guests what they are looking at , and how the house flows. Something like:


"Second bedroom with queen bed. Bathroom is next door in the hallway on the right, between this bedroom and the bunk bed room." 


Good luck! 

Omg you are so right!! Thanks so much for the feedback. I don’t live there so the furniture situation may have to wait a minute but the photo captions, I’m on that today!! Thanks again! 

@Megan1288Congrats on your new venture! Checked out your place, looks cozy and inviting! I think it is good idea to put more pictures or maybe extra chairs and tables in living room, it has a lot of space. And you should show important places around the area too. Overall, though, it looks like you're off to a great start! 🍻





Thanks @James3814 ! I def am looking at adding another cozy seat or two to the living space! trying to get that done sooner than later! thank you so much for your feedback! 

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First and foremost, I think your place looks incredibly inviting, cozy, and clean. It's wonderful that there isn't a lot of stuff everywhere, etc. 🙂 However, I can see that the house is located in a beautiful forest area, where one would really like to live, but it's not very clear. You can't see the beautiful location among the first 5 pictures, which are the ones Airbnb shows on a PC. I would maybe use the incredibly beautiful picture from the exterior taken by a drone with forest and mountains in the background as the cover image, and then possibly with a red arrow pointing to the location of your house. I would also move one of your photos of the house seen from the outside in sunshine up among the first 5 pictures and then make sure that 3 of your best interior pictures are among the first 5 photos. - Another thing, I would have all your interior pictures brightened. Even though the rooms are beautiful, they are a bit dark compared to what Airbnb is asking for. See the attached for example. Alternatively, take the pictures again on a sunny day with all the lights turned on in the rooms. I wish you all the best 🙂

@Karen4131 I really appreciate that feedback! i didnt know about the 5 photos! i am going to change that now! I did have a professional photographer come out and take the photos, so i am not sure if i can personally lighten them up or go through him! i will check! Thanks again for your feedback and i am going to make adjustments now! 

@Megan1288 By the way, I didn’t notice that you have a hot tub. Make sure to include a great picture of that - a sunny day and filled with water - and include it among the first five pictures. Perhaps test to have it as a cover photo and see how the site does. Airbnb states that a hot tub is among the 10 most searched facilities!  🙂

@Karen4131 I just moved that to the top 5 photos!