Critique my listing

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Windsor, Canada

Critique my listing

Hello, new host here 💖 I would love to here your opinion on my listing. It is our home (not a second home) but we are away, so decided to list it here. It is live for a few weeks already and live on VRBO as well, but absolutely no bookings or inquiries. Any tips will be greatly appreciated! 
Thank  you in advance! 

🌟 View on AirbnbHome in Windsor · 3 bedrooms · 4 beds · 2.5 bathrooms 🌟

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London, United Kingdom

Hey there @Marina2121, your listing is gorgeous! 😍
I hope you don't mind but I've added a link to your listing, this way fellow hosts can view it easily and provide feedback 😊



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Euroa, Australia

Hi,  your house is gorgeous and the photos and description are very appealing, on review of other BNB's you certainly have a lot of competition and whilst your price point is very reasonable, in our experience it has been about getting the reviews and super host status which becomes a great feature to attract bookings. When we set up our BNB we had similar issues so agreed that for a period of time we would price at the lower end of the market but would only accept guests that had good reviews. Once we received some good reviews the bookings came in and we were able to adjust the pricing. BNB also has a flexible pricing feature which adjusts the pricing according to seasonal trends and the average pricing compared to similar bookings around you, we have also found this to be a helpful feature. We will certainly put you home on the list for when we travel next year 🙂