Does anyone use EVOLVE?

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Does anyone use EVOLVE?

I get alot of e-mails from a company called EVOLVE,,, another vacation booking company that uses multiple booking companies            ( homeaway, airbnb, VRBO, etc) to list your property and to hopefully generate more reservations for the homeowner.  Has anyone actually done this ?  How did airbnb get involved with these people ?

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I used Evolve almost a year from last July as a pass down. They basically does nothing, just give you a website to see the booking activities, post your listing in another 3 sites ( not even 5 or 10), and that's it. It costs you 10% for them doing nothing. 

The worst part is they charges Owners, but requests the owners to have a perfect house to GUARANTEE perfect satisfaction to THEIR GUESTS,  and they also have the right to CHARGE THE OWNERS MORE whenever they feel justified to please their guests!! Does that make sense? 

Owners pay 10% or even more to feed their RUDE, IRRESPONSIVE and IRRESPONSIBLE staffs, while we also have to be on he tiptoes under their tyrant management to get ready for all kinds of PENALTIES while their only goal is to please their booking GUESTS.    

The staffs are rude and not responsible most of the time. They say pretty words without actual actions doing what they promise to say. When I keep asking them is certain things are done, they put me on black list and starts to discriminate me in every single interaction afterwards. 


Their booking mechanism is loose and insecure. I had 3 fraudulent bookings through Evolve but none from other sites. 

They can't make good judgements on what is true and what is fake.  They dont bother to take in advices or leaning from experiences to  improve their company performance, but keep defending themselves and running their company in a old, dated  and ignorant manners. 


Either as a owner or booking guest, such company should not be encouraged to keep taking advantages of people while their are a lot more other choices available for easy and secured bookings. 

The staffs are rude and dont care about home owners. 
I lost so much money with them as home owner! Fraud ID booking, inability to handle guests relations,  refuse to pay for lost items and extra garbage.....
No consistency and Do whatever they feel like with no standards. Money sucker of home owners.

there is no too good to be true company. They just want to make money out of bookings. Not taking care of owners or guests. 

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Sounds like they de-evolved, from Homo Sapiens back to Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis.

So, are you all saying there there is a chance - one on a million - that ABNB is the best of the worst?


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From what I have read in facebook forums the experience is lacking


Do not ever stay at Evolve properties, especially **.  They are the worst company we have ever dealt with.  We booked a 4-night stay near Helen, Georgia through for the New Year for myself, my wife, and our 2 young children.  My kids asked to go somewhere instead of gifts this year, so we thought booking a mountain cabin would be a great way to unwind.  Not even close.  It was the worst experience we have ever had booking any property, and we are world travelers.

Getting to the property was extremely challenging, as Google Maps did not know how to get there, i.e. wanted me to cross a stream on a dirt road, sent me down a private driveway, etc.  Ok, not a big deal.  Get to the property at 11:46PM and it is pitch black.  No motion sensing lights, no flood lights, no porch light; nothing.  We get up to the door where the key box is, get the keys, and they do not unlock the door or deadbolt.  We tried for several minutes before I noticed another door on the porch, which was the correct door, except neither key operated the deadbolt.  We get inside, and it is quaint, I will give it that, but leaves much to be desired.  Everything was done cheaply, and it shows.  There is also a creepy door to the adjacent unit and a light was on in the room next to the bathroom/bedroom. 

My kids feared being in the woods in the dark and were terrified of sleeping there.  To make them feel safe, I walked around the property.  That is when I noticed the kid’s bedroom window had no latches.  The screen was knocked out and part of the latch was on the outside sill.  The window could just be opened either from the top or bottom. This was the case for 4 other windows.  Latches were either incomplete or completely missing.  I have a video. Completely unsecure.  We were at the property for 20 minutes and left to find a hotel in Helen.

We attempted to contact the host by email and by phone.  When we did not receive a return call by midday, we contacted Evolve.  We told them that we had to stay in a hotel since the property was not secure, on New Years Day, at 1AM for a ton of money since everything was booked.  We also told Evolve that we had not heard from the host.  Not one time did they say we HAD to deal with the host before they would do anything, and instead they let us go about our trip, which we had to change plans since there were no other lodging facilities available in the area. 

The host contacted us back via email and said they would be happy to give us a complimentary future 1 night stay and meet at the property to walk around to show us how safe it was.  This was 2 nights into our 4-night stay.  We had moved on but were not far away.  We contacted Evolve numerous times and ended up waiting 12 days for them to tell us to essentially get lost.  No refund.  No concessions.  Tough luck.  Several emails later, they told us to have an attorney contact them.

READ the booking policy.  It is 100% written to take your money and screw you over.  I have formally asked for arbitration.  Ignored.  I asked for a copy of the phone conversations.  Ignored.  They were nice and empathetic on the phone but had no intention of working with us at all.  We lost $800, but that pales in comparison to what they will lose when this review is posted everywhere. 

**[Identifiable information removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

They cancelled my trip without notifying me. I found out two weeks before by logging into my Airbnb account. Never again. 

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A lot of people are under a very miss conception of Evolve app, it is just a platform that uses all the other platforms and uses an algorithm to set the prices. They have nothing to do with the property being good or bad that is up to the host. Of course they do have recommendation and rules, but it really comes down to the property owner. For their service they get 10% which is actually higher than the other platforms but I see a lot of people complaining about I would never rent through Evolve or Airbnb or any of the other ones that really comes down to the unit Airbnb or Evolve does not own any of them and they never see the place or been to the place. But with that question, is it better that your place is on an algorithm or just pay a flat price? That is the question for me?

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Interesting. I called them this morning since I need to take a break after 19 years and keep three places going. A renter destroyed my cottage, not from any of the sites. The Guest was staying 6 months and went away for one month. They never bought oil. It was their responsibility. Three pipes on the second floor broke. Fireman and Oil company feel the flood could have been going on for three weeks. The Cottage is a 100 percent loss.  So today, needing a break since it is very traumatic to work so hard to build a business and have the police come to tell you to get to the address. The person who interviewed me about me wanting to perhaps work with them, his name was Craig; he was from Colorado.  I felt I would have been better off talking to a Bot. I asked tons of questions and told him about the loss and devastation to my business, and all he wanted to do was close the deal. I will be 71; I have 585 5-star reviews. I love what I do, but this past trauma and loss and other events have broken me. I have my website and ask if I could still book from my site and my return Guest. He said no! I then asked about payment, and he said Evolve holds my money for one month. This is my only income. Based on his energy and attitude, and not being about to book my own Guest and them holding my money. I would never go with their company.  No one can care for you property like you. Be very careful when looking for people to help you.Happy Booking.

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I think I tried it earlier. It wasn't available in our country or there were some other restrictions. Perhaps there were any change since that time. Those aggregator services hypothetically save time, but I think they have a big disadvantage because of the different rules, standards, policies each rental services use. 

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I just started using them it’s been 1 month.  They have booked 6 bookings so far. Not all at the higher prices I was charging on just Airbnb, but way more bookings so far. I have had a good experience with the staff too so far so good. I’m so happy I’m not making beds all the time! I got pretty good at it but man it’s exhausting. 

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We are staying at a home in Phoenix managed by Evolve and they are terrible.  We’ve had a few issues and the only reply we’ve gotten is a generic email.  The home was not cleaned well, dirt/used bed sheets with pubic hair and stains…just to name a few. Stay away