How to turn split stay off?

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West Hollywood, CA

How to turn split stay off?

I don't want to book a split stay. I want to book a stay in one place.


There is no option to turn this "feature" off. It is not a feature to me, it is a bug that needs to be removed. If I want to book multiple consecutive stays, i can just do that on my own. This so called "feature" is making the site impossible to properly use and navigate.


I will just stop using airbnb if they don't add the option to turn it off.

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Gros Islet, Saint Lucia



IMO, the split feature doesn't work as it was originally advertised which was to offer guests choices to stay in two disparate spaces within a specific geographical location to get richer experience of the destination.  I've seen recommendations for two spaces that are next door to each other or located in different countries or islands.  For example, St. Lucia and Martinique are just 22 nautical miles apart, and both have a French colonial, but there is not governmental connection nowadays.  Many people think all islands in the Caribbean are part of the same country like the Bahamas or the Philippines, but Martinique is a French overseas territory and has different entry requirements for travelers than St. Lucia (still a member of the British Commonwealth).  Just imagine how guests may feel when they've booked a recommended split holiday, and find that they can't travel to one of the destinations, because they thought they were visiting the same country only to find out that a visa and health travel insurance is required for one location.


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Portland, OR

I find that most Airbnb stays are also on the booking. com site and their search engine does not clutter the search with split options like the Airbnb site does.  I think not able to control this function is bad business for Airbnb.

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Heidelberg, Germany

It has been months since this issue was created and still no solve. 

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Victoria, Australia

@Ben4581 I think this feature only turns up if you put in your dates first . Search without your dates in the area where you wish to stay and after finding something you like ,go into their calendar ,which you can see by scrolling down ,and check if the dates you want are available. ... H

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Chapel Hill, NC

This is not SOLVED until I can turn it off.  


Split stay is littering my results and it is ridiculous.


Fix this Airbnb!

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New York, NY

I find the split stay option so annoying. I don't want a split stay and I can't even tell if the places are available for my whole stay. The fact that I can't turn it off makes navigating the site so much more difficult. 

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Sharpsburg, GA

Count me out AirBnb. After several years I just opened a VRBO account to book my next stay because I'm fed up with split-stays cluttering the search map and wasting my time. Your lack of responsiveness is insulting to your customers.

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Richmond Hill, GA

I agree ...get it off of the map.

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Seattle, WA

Beyond ridiculous that it's not possible to disable this "feature".  No one wants to move properties when on vacation.  Just... why would you do this??  

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Vancouver, Canada

What a frigging ridiculous function. Later Airbnb, heading to VRBO now because it's so annoying.


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Poughkeepsie, NY

This was the first result on a google search for how to turn split stays off. I don't want a split stay, and getting these results is wasting my time searching and making the process more frustrating. Literally opening VRBO right now because airbnb has no interest in fixing this. I can't believe they've been getting complaints for months and haven't made it possible to toggle off.

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Dominican Republic

Agreed. As a host and a guest this feature is AWFUL. Will be switching to another platform if it isn’t fixed by March of 2023.

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Toronto, Canada

Hello @Keisha76 @Julius121 ,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the feature. I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the team. You can also share it directly as well on the Feedback Form in case you wish to elaborate more on this topic.


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Reston, VA

This sounds like an annoying situation for many people. Where is the ticket addressing this issue

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It’s still not fixed. 

I am switching to a different platform.

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Boise, ID

i hate it too!  and folks from furnished finder and vrbo are totally baffled by it and think i'm trying to get them to move mid stay - airbnb needs to get rid of this - it helps no one.

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England, United Kingdom

@Lisa75 split stays makes sense if there are no properties in a region left with say a full fortnights availability. I wonder (being suspicious) if Airbnb are pandering to the corporate hosts to maximise their bookings.

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Boise, ID

i have NO doubt they're doing something stupid to pacify their "stockholders"

but it's pissing their tried and true hosts and guests off big time!  

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Seattle, WA

Agree, this is the most annoying thing ever. I never split stays, but if I wanted to there should be a toggle. I'm getting a headache just trying to sort through single stay options with all the noise on the map.

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State College, PA

ditto, inability to turn this feature off is polluting the map and making working with it dificult

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Western Springs, IL

It's crazy.  How is this not fixed?  Totally unusable.

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