Kitchener,Canada Airbnb Insurance option

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Kitchener, Canada

Kitchener,Canada Airbnb Insurance option



We have an airbnb at kitchener Canada,  that is a separate studio home as under a legal basement unit .

We are looking for home  insurance option that includes our airbnb basement unit . All providers so far have given us a quote with a condtion of only 180 days out of 365 as a year coverage, this is not working for us, as our airbnb bookings go beyond 180 days, so would highly appreciate any recommendations!


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Port Moody, Canada

Hi @Sankalp1,


Since our Community is a global forum, it might take some time for Hosts in your area to come across your post. In the meantime, I suggest posting your question in the nearest >Local Host club. This way, you can connect with fellow local Hosts.




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