Listing description

Listing description

Has anyone used a listing description optimizer from a SEO company? If so, did it work or is it worth it? I'm new to Airbnb and I only have 1 review so far. I'm reading a lot about opportunities on how  to optimize my listing  and get better rankings. Thanks in advance..

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I haven't  used on my  listing   but   for websites   II  maintain   I  really   like yeost and   chatgpt

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Hello @Gabriela1647 welcome to our community! 😊


Have you had the chance to read Marie's comment? I am reaching out to some amazing Hosts, @Karen114@Lorina14@Nash-Cottages-LLC0@Zheng49@Shelley159  and @Greystone0   to see if they have any experience with optimizing listing descriptions.


In the meantime, here is a guide created by our Host @John7474 on Tips To Improve Your Listing that might offer some additional insights.


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I did, I am trying a service that will help optimize my listing, let's hope it works...thanks

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@Gabriela1647  I haven't used SEO however I am guilty of using Chat GPT.  It is really helpful to get something flowing.  You can start with some basic description and ask Chat to make it sound more romantic, more friendly more...insert here.  It can also highlight attractions in your area.  


I also Chat  it to respond to reviews as well as help me with my house rules and guide books to sound less authoratarian🤣  I can come off as a little " just the facts mam" so it helps with that.  At least I think it sounds better. 


You do have to proof read it and make sure it doesn't sound too over the top or sickly sweet. 

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I have not heard of a listing service and don’t use one. I guess it makes sense if you can SEO optimize keywords for social media posts, websites and such you could do so for your listing.


I offer a service to help people improve and optimize their listings (I truly enjoy helping others succeed and I have a knack for it). Since I became a Superhost in 27 days from being live and every quarter since, am in the top 5% of listings, and a guest favorite, I’ve done a lot of market research into what works and what doesn’t. I’ve participated on the community boards a lot and read what guests like/dislike as well as the problems and joys of being a host.


There are so many jewels on the community boards and many hosts are happy to give their insight into reviewing your listing and I would take advantage of that - we have a great community here!


You could check out my responses to hosts here as I’ve reviewed several listings to help improve ratings and reviews.


What you have to remember is that the algorithm is always changing and it’s a case of trial and error to see what makes your listing stand out. 


Check out your competition on the similar listings option (click on the calendar then click on a date range then scroll to the bottom), sign out of Airbnb as a host and peruse as a guest (this is how I picked up some tech glitches in my own listing), see what people are offering that you are not and what makes your place unique, read the reviews of all your competition - the good and the bad. Take amazing photos highlighting your space/features. Tell a story with your listing, write interesting captions to each picture, buff up your guidebook, create a detailed house manual with general guidelines and how to find things in your unit), provide a great experience in communication/check in, provide some snacks/drinks, check in with the guests upon their arrival, thank guests for staying with you and resolve issues promptly. Update your wording or pictures as appropriate when you make improvements or to highlight your space to the desired target audience (who you ideally like to host). These are just some ideas on how to optimize your listing.


Happy hosting!

Hi, what a lovely tropical place you have! 

In my opinion, it's less about what you say right now, and more about how you price to get more bookings. Do a special offer discount to get more bookings on airbnb.


Only by building up airbnb bookings, offering a great experience and then get great reviews, will you be pushed towards the top of guest searches. It takes time to build up. With all the guest feedback, then you can then refine your listing description, make changes to your place etc.


Not sure of the point of SEO optimisation of airbnb listings when guests go into the app itself to search, and it's more about what features you have tick boxed and location, what you offer and what you price at. It's all in your control, not that much magic about it.


If it was a website for sure, get SEO if you want to do that, but that's a different story.


If you are all about more bookings, then go and list as well on,. vrbo etc. But there's always a consequence to dilution, different type of guests etc, airbnb will push you down in ratings as you get less bookings with them etc. Ultimately its your choice.

Enjoy being in the hospitality business!

Kind regs