Listing suspended over false accusation


Listing suspended over false accusation

Hi fellow hosts. I'd like to share my experience with other hosts and Superhosts. I had my listing suspended for 10 days over a false claim from one of our guests. They accused me of having security cameras and recording devices inside my apartment when, in fact, it's clearly stated in my listing that we have security cameras outside the house, and an Echo Dot for our guests' convenience to turn ON/OFF lights, adjust the temperature, etc. This has always been stated in the "House Manual" and "Things Guest Should Know" sections of my listing.
I tried to get in touch with Airbnb since the first day, almost every day, and was never able to talk to the agent assigned to my case. When I finally spoke with the (second) agent handling my case, after 10 days, telling him that Airbnb should have contacted me and talk to me first, before suspending my listing, he said that that is the Airbnb policy when they receive a claim of privacy violations. My listing wasn't visible for 10 days, and I lost bookings and earnings because of this. I, very highly, suggest Airbnb to change this policy and try to get in touch with the host, before suspending their listings for claims/accusations from a guest. We, hosts and Superhosts, are giving work and money to Airbnb every week, and we should get a "preferred line of communication" and respect, compared to an occasional guest who decides to accuse an honest host!

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Hi Katerina, sorry you’re going through this! 
No, they reactivated it after I spoke with the supervisor in charge of my case and explaining the situation. 

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This just happened to me and I can’t get ahold of the “special support team” who is supposed to be handling the claim and I am furious that I’m losing out on listings! I feel Airbnb or the guests that made the false claim should be responsible for compensating me what I lost in earnings!

I have lost a listing, tonight, after a month of phone calls, messages, emails, etc. I can absolutely prove that my list is amazing with positive  reviews,  and I can prove that Airbnb has been disingenuous with me.  Stating I had 72 hours to appeal and canceled it after 24 hours, among other discrepancies, on their part.

      Any advice?


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I’ve had my entire apartment complex

(65 units) Suspended for 20 days because one of our guests was sleeping in the complex hallways and urinating on peoples front doors. She called Airbnb and complained and they shut our entire account down for 20 days to ”investigate”

We lost about 100 thousand dollars even though it was proved we did nothing wrong. 

Another time a guest claimed that we had hidden cameras behind our mirrors. They were actually upset because they wanted to check out 2 days early and we didn’t agree to the refund so they made this false claim. Airbnb refunded the guest  then  shut our entire account down for 20 days for another “investigation” 

It was proved that no cameras existed.
We just lost around 15k (got off easy) 

Another time a guest claimed we were racist to Airbnb  because we didn’t allow a 100 person party to take place in our studio apartment. Airbnb believed the guest, refunded then, and  shut our account down (again)  to do another investigation”
Another 100k down the drain. 

Basically Airbnb gives guests the ability to shut a host account down any time they want.

The specialized team doesn’t require any evidence. They will deactivate the host account prior to the investigation and the host will guarenteed lose thousands of dollars because they cannot take reservations for 20 days. 

It’s absolutely brutal  

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My account is suspended after being on Airbnb platform for 5 years I’ve been a super host for 5 years with all 5 stars reviews of over 151 reviews. 1. My property listing states it comes with a house keeper( my house keeper introduces her self every day before she starts to clean and the guest gives the ok to clean ( my housekeeper cleans the guest rooms the day before and had no issues at all ) never did the guest refuse services
( no text no call of refusal)

and they also allowed her to clean the room the day of the incident ( my guest has no problems until the house keeper noticed they were smoking in the room and eating food. After that my house keeper notified me and I contact my guest via the chat hub ( explaining no smoking / eating is not allowed in the rooms and that’s a house violation ) my guest ( ) then stated “ can I send pictures ?” ( which is proof of consent ) she also states what’s the fine “ never denying ( the smoking and eating ) never have I ( host ) enter the property.

The guest ask the housekeeper to call me via what’s app and they became aggressive over the phone and threaten to “ fu”k my house up “ I then called Airbnb and explain the situation to them “ and I told Airbnb I’m not comfortable with the threats.

Male guest in the group was the most aggressive guest saying he will fu”k my **bleep** up and he kept saying that. I call Airbnb safety department

After I told the guest I’m calling Airbnb they stated they will be leaving and they are going to call Airbnb as well.

After going back and forth with Airbnb and notify Airbnb that the guest left. Airbnb fines the guest in violation of breaking property rules. And I told Airbnb I am willing to refund the guest for the night they didn’t stay at my property. Airbnb refunded my guest and the guest cancel their reservations.

The following day I received a messsge from Airbnb stating the guest is asking for a full refund because we throw them out in the middle night which is a lie. ( these guest left on there own ( mid/day )
Before there booking was completed

And they were upset because they were in violation of smoking in tho house and we reported them.

Now a day after I noticed my account is suspended no one can tell me why . I didn’t receive a email or anything. I keep calling the customer line they keep saying my account is suspend because a customer incident and they have to investigate. All my future booking are blocked and I can not accept bookings.

I’m currently booked 2 months out and I have a August - September booked

I’m extremely stressed it’s now 4 days of suspension

@Lisa9369 unfortunately unless the guest explicitly gives consent for you/housekeeper to enter the listing on the airbnb app, you cannot enter while the reservation is active. verbal consent is not very useful because there is no documentation of it in the app.


so unfortunately looks like the guest is gonna get full refund in this case, and your listings will be suspended for around a week x_x 

but that's not the worst part. the worst part is that at the end of it all, Airbnb will send you a message telling you that they have made a note of this incident in your files, and that the next time your account could be permanently closed. 


while it is RETALIATION in this case, unfortunately the specialized team holds precedence over regular airbnb support

I also had false allegations of hidden security cameras and had no opportunity to speak to the agent dealing with this. The automatic reaction was of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ and I was treated like a criminal. 
Now the case is closed, no evidence of course as there are no hidden cameras, this accusation was provoked by spite as I asked for recompense following damage by a guest. Nevertheless, I’m made to feel a criminal, read the riot act and a note on my file 

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This just happened to me! It was all about exterior camera which are perfectly normal. Airbnb didn’t for 30 days and I ended up getting an ulcer and losing $75,000. Had to sell my downtown condo out of fear. They reinstated after I stalked them to death. 

How is this even possible? Guests need to sign a disclosure saying there are recording devices outside !!!!!!! Why would Airbnb even allow a suspension for something not illegal or not allowed???? Someone explain! Can’t we sue guests for this?