Listings suspended without notice.

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Longmont, CO

Listings suspended without notice.

All of my listings were just suspended without any notification or explanation.

I tried contacting customer support from various devices (including from the app and from browsers), and getting "Message failed to send" every time.

My Listing Issues page ( says "No issues here!"


Please provide any details about what's going on with my listings, and any steps I should take to clear the suspension. Thanks

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Good luck, we got suspended Monday and not a single convo with the "specialized team".  We have almost perfect impeccable reviews and have been superhosts for 4 years.  1 guest was caught smoking several times and other broken house rules.  She called into Airbnb and stated we recorded her.......front of home and door camera are listed in our safety and always has been.  I think she lied so she can get money back and made a false claim.  Still no contact and this is beyond frustrating.  I have reached out to everyone up to the CEO.  Nothing.  We as Superhosts get penalized for a lying guest that is trying to scam the system or upset.  I kindly asked her to stop smoking, which she did on 3 different occasions and she got upset and left a day early.  Then she called in and we were suspended.   This is TERRIBLE how Airbnb sides with the guest without any convo with us.  We have 643 reviews and are sitting at 5 stars on 99% of them.  Our current total star rating is 4.98, but currently this month in the Stats it shows perfect 5.


All i can say is this needs to be brought to the highest level and maybe even some PR and Media attention would help.

Finally got unsuspended.  It stemmed from a guest with just above 4 stars making a complaint.  I think she has done this before and got her money back.  Keep calling......I stopped calling the customer support and started calling into the safety team.  They actually  got things moving I feel.  Also I have contacted every employee on the C level exec team to talk about this.  Lets see if we can get this corrected for future stuff.  We both know there are dishonest and bad people out there that have no conscience and pull this like its nothing.

Airbnb is opening a HUGE potential class action lawsuit by doing this without verifying and talking to hosts and superhosts first before suspending.


I hope it gets fixed for you shortly.


Also go search my name in the community center, I have several posts on this and also my response to our suspension.  It says alot and I am seeking Media and PR attention around this.  Maybe Airbnb will listen when it gets in front of news.