My listing title and descriptions disappeared!

My listing title and descriptions disappeared!

Last night I was trying to get on to my Airbnb account and I kept getting error 500 (I think that's what it was). Fortunately this morning I was able to access my account and listing. But then I just happened to check my listing and I see no listing title. So I fixed that and I look further and all my description entries have disappeared. I assume the house rules, etc and everything else are gone too.


Wow, any idea what happened? Any one else experience this? Fun times redoing all of that!!


Edit: House rules are there, but all the other listing info is gone. Do you think this could be recovered? Should I report this and try to see if it Airbnb could help, or I guess I have to rewrite everything. Is there a tech support help line or anything, or should I just contact customer service? 


Thank you!

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Well, I guess no one else has had an issue with this? Usually I get some responses on here at least though. Very weird and a little scary that my listing info can just disappear. Good thing I noticed it. I updated everything though. And maybe that's the good way to look at it - I updated some info in my listing that maybe I wouldn't have gotten to. But still I wonder why it happened. And it's probably a good idea to save this information in case this happens again.

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Hi @Jennifer1351,

I'm new to hosting and had to unlist after listing my first airbnb due to logistical reasons and now my listing title and description has disappeared! I am in a panic, all other info has saved but I spent so much time on the description but didn't even think to make a copy.. I'm trying to talk to support now but no luck so far, how did you manage this issue? Hopefully you had a copy of everything, I'm really not looking forward to starting over...

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