New Photo Tour room order settings

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New Photo Tour room order settings

Hey there,


I have recently switched to the Winter 2023 updated dashboard and 'listings' tab. While I appreciate most of the new functions and the improved user experience - I have not found a way to adjust which 'space' is highlighted first in the new photo tour layout.


The default setting that I have not figured out how to adjust has the kitchenette/kitchen appearing first and then bedroom, bathroom. Has anyone figured out how to re-order these spaces in the photo tour?


I do not want my kitchenette to be the first photo that is viewed when a guest opens my listing page. With first impressions being so important with guest views - we should be able to adjust the photo tour to have any space show up as the first space in the photo tour.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! If the setting to change the order of the photos doesn't currently exist, does anyone if a feedback forum to developers exists on this platform?


Thank you kindly,


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Hello @Maja281,


I am having the same problem. I plan to try deleting one of the rooms completely and then see if it goes to the bottom of the "stack" when I readd it. If someone sees this before I have a chance to try it, would be great to know if this method works.




@Kenneth522 If u delete a room, it is supposed to go back to old format….