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New listing

Hi all,

Excited about joining the Airbnb community, we would love your comments about our new rental property located in Hiawassee Georgia.  We welcome any suggestions for making the listing more inviting.  I have tried my best to show the details of the space and location with all the things to do in the area.  Please let me know your thoughts about photos and any Airbnb written information.  Appreciate your input!

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Just notes, you are new, no reviews but only accepting experienced guest.  An experienced Guest is going to  require  an accurate listing description to take  the first chance.  It is described as  a  cabin and a room.  I would review Airbnb descriptions of each because it looks from your pictures, it would be considered a  studio layout not a room layout so Cabin.

You have a kitchenette not a full kitchen.

Experience Guests will want in description eating abilities,  any wi-fi availability and iit is a cozy cabin for two describe more than hiking.  Any water access, maybe great ideas of romantic picnics, any exterior seating to enjoy the evening.

II was reading a post I think in the community forum titled giving she had great advice that  she sold an environment, in her case families, but she  had created a small kid garden  Great idea.

Thank you Marie,  Yes I am new to hosting and listing our own Airbnb, but not new to booking an airbnb vacation rental.  I would like an experienced guest because I figured they would be best at giving me constructive criticism about my listing and how to excel at hosting.  It is my understanding that an experienced guest has been vetted through airbnb to have been an airbnb renter and there fore allows me to see what host say about them.  You can check out our profile to read about what other hosts have said about me and hopefully that would help to give you an idea about the kind of person I am and how I treat my listing.  There is a learning curve with using the airbnb listing program to upload photos and  add all the necessary information about the space.   There were times when I thought I was finished with all the sections only to find out how to enter more information from different tabs.  I would say that the program should start everyone at the beginning and only allow you to move to the next section once the previous one is complete.  The way it's set up now, allows you to jump around within the sections of the program to enter info.   So I already knew that my space was not a full kitchen but just now learned how to change the heading and move the photos into the kitchenette heading.   Would you mind explaining what you mean by eating abilities?  Do you mean what kind of cooking?  I believe I clicked on the tab that said wifi available and it's listed under "What this place offers", however it might be a good idea to include it in the section "About this place".  I do recall entering my wifi password in another section of the program, however that might not be available until a guest books and the information provided until 24 hours prior to check in.  One of the sections allows you to put together a "Welcome book/Guide" to let guests know about the area and things to do.  I already had a physical Welcome Guide with all the things to do beyond Hiking and so instead of re-writing it and plugging it into that section I chose to just enter it as a photo of each of my books pages and include them in Additional photos.  You can click the photo to learn more about all the things to do.  Also each photo is captioned with a description of the photo and does suggest romantic things to do.  Thanks again for taking the time to look over my listing and providing me with information about how to improve it.  

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@Vivian1468  You've done a really excellent job. Great description, all the pictures are captioned, and the place looks fantastic. I would stay in a heartbeat. 70+ pictures is a lot, so you could possibly curate them a bit. 

The only thing that confused me was the first picture involving parking. Since there seems to be separate parking for the guest room, you might want to remove that first pic. 


Normally hosts will include a written description for the listing, which it looks like you haven't done. 

There's a place for a short blurb of about 500 characters, and then you can expand on that in the About This Space section. You may want to utilize that in addition to your pics. 


Perhaps clarify the sharing of the laundry room and the hours it might be used by guests and hosts. Also, you're offering a lot of great stuff, but you may come to learn -like many hosts have- that guests take advantage of "free", so many hosts place limits on how much laundry detergent they'll supply for a certain length of stay. If you think this sounds stingy, just host for a while and watch your stuff disappear at a rate you never could have imagined for a two-person two-day stay. 5 rolls of toilet paper? Possible. 


Anyway, your place looks great. Best of luck on your hosting venture. Kia

Hi Kia272,  Thank you for taking the time to read through our listing.  Allow me to explain the reason for the first parking photo,  I wanted to give a wider view to include the road that takes you to the parking area.  The second parking photo is zoomed in to allow them to see the details of the private gate entrance.  Where is the section for "Description" ?  I did give a description in the "About this place" and thought that was the only area to give a description.  Since I'm new to airbnb, there's a learning curve with using the program to enter all the information.  I love your idea about the laundry room hours, so I will add something there.  I will also consider your tip about free stuff.  Thanks again!

@Vivian1468  I see your description now. For some reason it's below your host profile in the listing. Silly me! 

It is strange, while I was answering your comment on my PC, I noticed that my cell phone display the listing different.  On my PC it does say description with sub titles to add written info about the space but when viewing it on my cell it's under about this place.  Perhaps that's a question for the Airbnb IT personnel office or whoever designed the program.  Thanks again!