New security camera policy is unreasonable

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Boston, MA

New security camera policy is unreasonable

I presume all hosts received an email from Airbnb about security cameras, in which it says, "You’re not allowed to have cameras that monitor indoor spaces." That is completely unfair. The basic Abode security system that I have has a motion sensor with a camera that takes a snapshot if the sensor is triggered when the alarm is on, to get a picture of who or what is moving in the hallway. I disclose this in my listing, and I have a small curtain that guests can pull to cover the camera if they are concerned about privacy. Airbnb is essentially forcing me to get a different security system. How are other hosts dealing with this?

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Manchester, United Kingdom

Airbnb have now unlisted my listing because I have not agreed to the new t&c concerning the camera rule change. My calendar is still visible but on setting it says unlisted when I click to list it says you must accept new terms before you can relist.

i thought the notice period and change was from 30th April?


have others accepted the new terms or refusing to as I am? If you are have you been delisted early too?

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Albany, NY

Yes, it is official no indoor cameras are allowed even in your own private spaces as a home share host. I will not put myself, family, guests and my house at risk. I will no longer be a host on Airbnb. there is other short-term platforms. This is dangerous for all home share hosts.



Just curious, what other short-term platforms allow for home share? 

There are many but according to me at least Airbnb do verify bot the host and the guest which other do not although they do not stand guarantee for the guest who books and check-in. That has to be taken care by the host. To be sure I normally ask for ID proof as soon as booking is confirmed and check if the ID is genuine. So in some way Airbnb is better. 

Rentals @ tripadvisor spare room , Craigslist, Furnished Finders,  Houfy, and a good ole fashioned room for rent sign in front of your house

And Homestay.

Another interesting point...


A few bad apples have been using hidden cameras to spy on guests - I imagine this is how it all started. We honest hosts disclose all our cameras, provide a means to deactivate and shroud the cameras etc ...but that has not been good enough for ABNB.


What makes ABNB think that a simple "ruling" is going to stop those nefarious hosts from this kind of activity, using concealed cameras? After all if they are concealed to start with then they're not going to acknowledge that they are even there and present?


A bit like using gun permits as a weapon against criminals, who never have permits.


Badly thought out, but unless they see a pushback I feel they will go ahead with this.


Regardless, I just dumped all my stock in ABNB ahead of this date.

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Boston, MA

I have unlisted my property, and hope many of you do the same, today. Airbnb needs to change their ridiculous camera policy.

I just closed off my calendar, made a video and listed my room spaces on other housing sites. Good luck, my fellow hosts.

The founder went from a host to CEO of this big company, it's frustrating that they don't care about it. Their early model was a shared place, though.

we closed our calendar.

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San Mateo, CA

This new policy was a big concern for me because I built my entire Airbnb's home control around the Brilliant Smart Home controller system which has a built-in camera. They have a shutter that can block the camera and a setting to disable it in software - which is how I've had it set (and I disclosed this in my listing).  But per my read of the new Airbnb policy in effect today - neither is enough -- the camera has to be completely removed to comply with the policy. I fretted over this for some time and reached out to Brilliant support as well, and they couldn't help - other than to say they're looking into a non-camera option in the future. So this meant I would have to either completely replace my Brilliant home automation system (hundreds of dollars at a minimum) or figure out a way to remove the camera. So I went down the second path and was able to take the controller apart and remove the camera from the inside (here's a video on how to, that I posted if others are in the same boat: In my case, I don't have an issue not having a camera on the inside - I have exterior security cameras, and I rent the entire house on Airbnb, so there are no shared spaces inside that I need to monitor.

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Redfern, Australia

Same here. As a live in host, I don't feel safe nor comfortable without the indoor security camera in my living room which I have stated clearly.  


Does anyone know what other platforms can we use apart from AirBnb? And also will Airbnb revoke this stupid rule?



Take out the living room as a shared space, if you allow your guests to use the kitchen. Also you could post on rentals@tripadvisor, homestay, hometogo, Craigslist, A sign in front of your home, and spare room. You could also install motion sensors in halls and common areas. They do not record images and voice.

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Oslo, Norway

AirBnB has become a borderline fascist company that micromanages the owners, charges exorbitant fees, and behaves like landlords. 
Seriously considering ditching them. I can live without them.