Not Suitable for Infants?!

Not Suitable for Infants?!

I'm sure this has been raised before but there is a significant safety matter being missed by search filters so I make no apology for raising it again here.


Neither of our properties are suitable for infants or children due to their location on our smallholding as well as a balcony and ungated internal stairs etc. Despite having 'Not suitable for children and infants' selected in Safety Considerations, our listings are still shown to guests searching with a child or infant in their list of guests. Why??


At best we risk disappointing guests by asking them to cancel (or cancelling) their unsuitable booking, probably losing our Superhost status as a result, and at worst (God forbid) an accident involving a child or infant not mentioned on a booking confirmation and not seen at self check-in. 


The no children or infants information does appear on the property details but it's buried at the very bottom of the web page and is only visible by clicking 'Show more >' which means most guests will never see or read it.


This needs a 'hard' filter on search results ASAP and before something preventable happens in someone's property even after they have taken every measure to inform guests of their property's unsuitability for youngsters.


What can be done?




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@Neil702   I totally agree with you regarding that even if you have ticked the box not suitable for children, people can still instant book if they want to.  Plus I must admit I think guests don't actually read the safety considerations, so it is difficult for them to see this.  It should be placed more easily for guests to see


I think possibly this is so that Airbnb don't have to look as if they are discriminating against anyone.  


I think if you have instant book on the only thing you can do is actually mention that you don't accept children and the reasons why in the description you do yourself about your property.  Most parents would take your advice on board and search for somewhere which is more suitable and safer for their children.


Saying that we don't actually use the instant book feature for various reasons, one of them being this subject.  We do have enquiries about bringing children and very rarely a request to book with guests bringing children. 


Occasionally (i.e. if it is a baby) we do accept, but no to toddlers and infants as we have various features which could be dangerous.  If we receive a request to book, we ask the guest to read the safety details and explain we can't accept and ask them to withdraw their request.   We also mention that our insurance will not cover us for children, which is true.  This has worked out fine so far.


Hope this helps 

same . I feel you. Airbnb apparently putting lazy algorithm-building ahead of safety for infants & disregarding hosts’ legitimate concerns.