Rejected AirBNB Categories

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Rejected AirBNB Categories

Our new property does not have the correct categories listed. Based on this article - - You go to this website and request Categories.


We went in and requested a few. The key ones being Amazing Views and Cabin because thats what people look for in our area. It is critical we have these categories to increase bookings. We noticed that bookings were slow and determined we did not have the correct categories. As you can see below - we actually got rejected for cabin (our property is absolutely a cabin) and for Amazing Views it's been pending for weeks. I have called support atleast 20 times with no one that can help. 


Any advice on how to get these approved? It is killing our listings performance. 


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@Danielle1731 Have you tried searching for properties on Airbnb? When searching via categories you need to do this and then zoom in the map to where you actually want to go.

I honesty do not believe that 99% of guests do this. They just want to go to say Paris and type in Paris.

My point, made in a round about way, is that I doubt that categories are the cause of you listing's poor performance.

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Hello @Danielle1731, welcome to our community 😊


I just wanted to check in and ask if you have read Mike's comment. Has this been resolved for you?


Keep us posted.



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@Danielle1731We have been having trouble with this since last spring/summer. You have to request a catagory through "Elevate" then wait. Then wait and wait some more. The airbnb instructions say they will send you an e-mail to let you know if you are accepted or rejected. They don't. You have to go into where your catagories are and check. Then go to elevate where you will see what catagories they have rejected and which ones are pending. When I requested to be in the surf catagory,they removed me from the beach catagory. At one point last summer I wasn't in any catagories. The 1 catagory I was rejected for was historic homes yet we are a historic home. We are a 4 minute walk to the beach and verified by airbnb. They had me listed as a 20 minute 🚗 drive last summer,that's when I first noticed it. I was in the beach catagory but then it disappeared. Coincidentally it was the worst we have ever done financially in 8 years.


I think more is going on that reflects low sales besides the "catagory" thing like @Mike-And-jane0 mentioned. However,when a guest searches for a beach listing and wants to be able to grab a towel and walk to the water,seeing it's a 20 minute drive is a deal breaker. It also makers me look like a liar in the guests eyes. There's no way to contact them,you cannot dispute it,you just wait for the all knowing AI to decide where your property is or what type. I just wanted you to know your not alone. 


I had a rep tell me on the phone "the reason why we are not booking is because you don't have what guests want" Well,yes I agree. My guests want to be at the ️ beach airbnb says I'm not! Listed as a 20 minute drive to get there & No beach catagory. I had what they wanted for 8 years,now I guess I don't according to the airbnb Rep. He did thank me for being a superhost. 😅 I'm currently listed as a 20 minute walk from the beach and pending for surf & Beach. I actually think the AI meant a 2 minute drive but can't seem to get it right. Google says it's a 2 min drive, I assume they take information from them among other sources.

Best of luck to you:)


By the way,once they reject your catagory,it will be grayed out,meaning you can't request it again.

@Paula. and @Dee32,


I am experiencing this exact frustration.


It must be a glitch and yes even a support representative cannot resolve this.  It is causing a loss of income for many of us hosts.  


@Deb216 and @JahnevaO


Deb216 I noticed you have had a problem with this since Aug 2023,correct? That's when I noticed my beach catagory had been removed. It was July 2023 when I 1st noticed it. As of yesterday may 14th 2024, I was finally put back in the beach catagory, and it's no longer pending. It showed pending for a month. I'm now in the beach & surf catagory. I should be in historic homes as well but was rejected. It's been over a year of absolute nonsense.


@JahnevaO  I feel your pain. Especially trying to communicate with customer service. The experience is bizzare. 



  Yes, my listing continues to wait to be returned to BEACH and GOLFING.

  During a phone conversation with a host support representative *a month ago* I was assured my listing was visible in the BEACH category and would be in GOLFING again after our call. 

  As of today May 17, 2024 my listing continues to be in no category at all.




I'm sorry to hear that. I read a post where a host said the customer service Rep admitted to there being  problems with the catagories. Thats the first time I've heard airbnb acknowledge this.


When you go into evolve to choose a catagory, does it show your golf & beach catagory pending? If not you need to re-request it. If possible. It might be greyed out if it was previously rejected. If it's pending check it everyday. The 2 things that have changed for me, I got the promised e-mail notification from evolve letting me know the status (unlike before)and I'm back in the Beach catagory So maybe your situation will improve as well. Fingers crossed.



@Dee32, Thank you. 

No, I check ELEVATE daily and it continues to show "Your listing isn't part of a category yet".

Both BEACH and GOLFING are grayed out so I'm not able to select them at all.

But I have received another message from Airbnb telling me


"Hi Deb, I'll have an update for you soon..."

Then a few days later another message that says "Hello!

I'll be away for the next 2 days..."


Meanwhile, I haven't received a single booking, it's been over 30 days.

I'm losing hope.

Hi Deb216,

Any changes to your catagory yet? Fingers crossed.

Hi @Dee32,

Today is June 26, 2024.

No, the Airbnb Support Ambassador called me a few days ago and told me she had no other option but to CLOSE the case.  She added "Even the Technical Dept. has no idea how to fix any thing to do with categories."    I've yet to receive one reservation inquiry or booking....I  give up.


It took them over 1 year to put my listing back into the beach catagory & they tossed in national parks, although I'm nowhere near one.🙄 I'm sorry this is happening to you with no solution,it's terribly frustrating. I also took a huge financial hit last year and I  believe it is due to this. Months without any bookings:(  Not everyone would be effected by catagories but if you are specifically a destination location, you most likely would loose bookings if overlooked, misrepresented or in the wrong one catagory. Golfing, beach,horse ranch etc.. as you know. The other negative repercussions are, the algorithms promote listings with inquiries,views,bookings & ratings. The fewer of any of these the less you will be seen.

If you don't meet the required number of days booked or total guest stays in a review cycle you loose your superhost status. It's a vicious cycle. That's how I understand it to work from everything I've read. Time to hit up airbnbs twitter page.

in reviewing our listing, I noticed it has one of them as countryside. So I followed instructions and went to elevate, and the only option it gives me is to request a photo shoot for professional photos. We had professional photos taken, and you can tell by looking at the listing. It has no option to request a category change. I’m glad it’s not just us. But this is very frustrating .

Hi @Tina8669 

I had that same problem! I reported this bug awhile ago. The link they provide takes you to the wrong landing page (photoshoot request). Try manually typing this URL in your browser when you are logged into your account:







 When I follow all suggestions and/or instructions they try to get me to agree to pay for photos.  NO THANKS!

This is simply ridiculous.