Unjust Listing suspension

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Newport, Australia

Unjust Listing suspension

I've had my listing suspended, appealed and then permanently suspended - reason given was "You have created the same listing with same pictures and details because of that the listing has been suspended."


The property was listed managed by a real estate agent - I took the property back to manage as I was not happy with their management and created a new listing. This was to improve the property offering and I only have created ONE listing? I was told to do this by a super host and the real estate agent has withdrawn their listing.


AirBnb seem unresponsive and I've been unable to get any reasonable response for weeks.


Any suggestions?  

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Hooray, issue now resolved and my listing back up! 

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@Scott2075  Get new pics and update wording asap. AI is running things and must be using the same software that checks Uni assessments  😉

@Scott2075. Scott, did you provide proof of ownership to Airbnb? Also do you have anything in writing from the previous agency confirming that they acknowledge the termination of their management agreement with you and was there a notice period? Lastly how do you know the listing is permanently deleted from Airbnb? 

H Frances,  I submitted an appeal that they rejected. Despite many messages I have not yet actually spoken to anyone from AirBnb - I just get messages that they will contact me and they have not done as yet. Makes it  impossible to explain. I will see if I can get a formal response from the Real Estate and will  offer proof of ownership. Really hard when  I'm getting no responses.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

I would phone back a couple of times a day and post across Airbnb's socials . @Scott2075 


as usual Airbnb haven't bothered to do any user testing on this new initiative to weed out hosts who deliberately delete listings with poor ratings and set up duplicate listings .


It seems this new cull is catching hosts who have taken back listings from management companies or from hosts who previously owned the property, 

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It's due to the recent crackdown on duplicate listings.


A lot of hosts/property managers would recreate a listing once they got negative reviews. So you could see a ton of negative reviews in their profile, but the active listings would have none. 


Airbnb decided to crack down on this problem. But I guess they didn't iron out all the kinks and some people with legitimate reasons to create duplicate listings were also involved in the ban wave. 

I again initiated contact with AirBnb today and spoke to someone who seemed to want to help. I again sent 3 ownership and agency termination documents and added a further document. I’m more hopeful but this issue is again referred to another team. Not resolved but best engagement yet.

Hooray, issue now resolved and my listing back up! 

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