Updating listing to Luxe

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Updating listing to Luxe

Hi all, someone has recommended that I update my listing to Luxe, I can’t see how to do this.  Can anyone help?

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Hi The-Island0,

you can easily edited any verbiage you place in. I’m not sure where you want that to go but you have the ability to edit @ any time ‘ preview what you edit. 
I strongly encourage new users to play with AirBnB app almost daily ghe first couple of months to get use to where items are placed, how to edit, etc. 
If you explain exactly where I would be willing to guide you though AirBnB has so many tutorials & at worse call their support 

hope this helps


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I don't think they are offering that scheme any more @The-Island0 

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Hello @The-Island0 


Found this link regarding luxury rentals on Airbnb that I hope will clarify matters:




You may like to check this but I believe if you are in this category you cannot split the Airbnb fees between you and your guests - you have to absorb all the Airbnb commission yourself


All the best