What happened to the unique notification sound of Airbnb?


What happened to the unique notification sound of Airbnb?

Hi folks 👋

The topic here is the new notification sound effect that occurs when a guest writes or when a new booking is triggered.


I'm not sure if this changed due to an iOS update or an Airbnb app update. However, what I've noticed is that the distinctive and attention-grabbing notification sound of Airbnb is no longer present (link to unique Airbnb notification sound effect: https://prodigits.co.uk/content/ringtones/tone/2020/alert/airbnb_bb906f114930880.mp3).
I'm feeling a bit desperate now because I'm constantly missing messages, and I can't respond as quickly as I used to. The new notification sound is hardly noticeable and audible; it's so generic and simplistic, and it sounds the same as all my other apps. 😞


I've tried to resolve this issue, but it seems that Airbnb's app is missing a feature – the ability to add a custom sound effect. I'll attach screenshots: on left, for example, "Reminders," and on right from Airbnb.
In "Reminders," I can change the sound to whatever I prefer, so I can easily identify it as a Reminder and perhaps ignore it for the time being. However, Airbnb's app doesn't offer this option; I can't customize it. Therefore, I have no idea which app the notification sound belongs to. 🤷

Reminders app on the left side; Airbnb's app on the right side:
Left: Reminders; Right: AirbnbLeft: Reminders; Right: Airbnb
⚠️With this new notification sound effect, I encounter three issues:

  1. I have to continually check every notification sound to determine if it's from Airbnb or not.
  2. My response rate decreases, leading to less satisfied guests.
  3. And this situation is incredibly stressful for me, resulting in a poor user experience.


⁉️ Now I'm hopeful that someone else may be experiencing the same issue and perhaps can offer a suitable solution.

Alternatively, perhaps Airbnb, being a forward-thinking company, can introduce a simple feature to allow users to add a custom sound effect. This way, everyone can select their unique sound effect to ensure the best user experience and a high level of guest satisfaction. 🤞

regards, Ben 👋 

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For those who join and support this change request, it is something only Airbnb can change! To achieve this, I would ask you to please provide feedback to Airbnb using this link (provided by
@Paula Airbnb-Admin): 



(I think it is sufficient to simply inform them that you desire the option to select a sound effect for the notifications and include the URL of this thread in your feedback). 🤞 

Thanks and regards

Ben 👋 

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Stockholm County, Sweden

Hi @Paula,


It’s been a few weeks, hosts are increasingly frustrated and missing messages from guests and Airbnb.


Any update from this ”Product team” yet? Are they adding the special ”Airbnb sound” - that we know and miss - back to the app?


- If yes, when?

- If no, why not? 

Great if you could keep us updated on any progress here. 

Sadly, the very complicated ”Garage band workaround” does not work for Swedish hosts. For the workaround to work, you link the sound to text messages from a specific number (an Airbnb number). But for Swedish hosts, every text message related to Airbnb comes from a NEW number, never the same as the last one, so we cannot make Airbnb a recognizable Contact to attach the specific sound to. I’m sure it will be the same in many other countries, even if I learned from an American host that in the US, Airbnb text messages come from ONE number, so they CAN (with a lot of work) attach the sound to Airbnb text messages. 

We need the sound back in the app, the way it used to be. Surely this cannot be very hard to fix?






Hi @Trude0 

Completely agree with you. Please provide your complaint directly to Airbnb using this link. This is the only way how they will tackle this issue. 


Thanks! 🙏

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Stockholm County, Sweden

Hi @Paula


no news from the ”Product team” yet? 


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Kirkmichael, United Kingdom

Thank you Ben for looking into this.  It's so useful to read I'm not the only host out there with this problem.  I've developed a twitch of constantly checking my phone for a booking, the fear of missing one is so great.  When I complained, it was completely misunderstood.  I would like to share the correspondence.


'Please bring back the old notification sound. The new one is too quiet. I've read lots of complaints about this on Airbnb forums..... I'm going to loose guests because can't hear the alert, therefore so are you.'


Thanks for getting back to me, although I am disappointed with the substance of your response.
Firstly, thanks for mansplaining how to use an iPhone for me. (Mansplaining : where a man certain of his very great knowledge, tells the little lady how to do stuff). I know how to operate an iPhone and the difference between loud, quiet and mute settings.
Back to the primary issue here, Air BnB has changed the booking alert tone from one which worked well, and was audible in a variety of environments, to a sound that can easily be missed in any. This is not an iPhone or Android issue. It is Air BnB app developers, changing the tone. So again I ask, please can you change the booking alert tone back to what we had before, or at least make it possible for us to modify the stock tone to one of our own choosing.
I’ll be posting this communication to the Air BnB community forum for comment, and the feedback link.
Carolyn Findlay


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Je suis tout à fait en accord avec vous Carolyn.

Ils nous prennent pour des demeurés chez Airbnb à chaque que l'on expose le problème, on nous répond que cela vient des réglages de notre téléphone.

C'est effarant de constater qu'ils ne font rien alors que nous sommes énormément à témoigner qu'il y a un problème qui provient de leur mise à jour et non de nos téléphones.

Nous sommes complètement impuissant, courage

Hi @Nathalie1722 

We agree with you. Please provide feedback or complaint to Airbnb using this link. This is the only way how they will fix this issue.


Thanks! 🙏

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For awhile I thought it was just me! But, the new notification (or lack of) tone is not distinctive and very difficult to hear. Please bring back the old tone. It was distinctive and got our attention.

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Niagara Falls, Canada

I have exactly the same problem!!! I contacted Airbnb support team but so far no response and action, kind of frustrated and disappointed 

It’s definitely a big bug they made in their update software hope someone can work on this, I used to be a application engineer in tech field, I want to ask, how “difficult “ is that to put back the old sound:-(

Iam not a developer, but I work closely with them. I design apps and other digital products. The implementation of this feature should be very easy and uncomplicated.