Bed bug infested facility and same photos still listed

Bed bug infested facility and same photos still listed

AirBNB still has a listing available for rent by a host with ineffectually treated bed bugs. The address isn’t clear when you look at it, but he has the same photos as the listing I had responded to and reserved.   He has more than one set of rooms in nearby or adjacent buildings. They may have taken one listing down, but both of his posts use exactly the same photo. The place I reserved, and almost checked into, has the same photos and had a HUGE bed bug infestation. First, the host (on the phone) said they were probably mosquitoes. In any case, I won’t be using AirBNB again. I almost slept in a room with a huge bed bug infestation. A lady in the facility had slept there a couple of days and came running out and told me don’t stay here, there were “animals” in her bed. She was a Spanish speaker and no one was helping her and she was terrified and traumatized from staying there. She showed me the trunk of her body, covered in bites and also some on her arms.  She was COVERED in bites. I didn’t bring in my luggage, but had my pet carriers with me and she showed me many many bugs in the room, on a bedside table, and in the bed. They were NOT tiny as hosts appear to state on this board that “they aren’t bed bugs if they aren’t minuscule.” Instead, bed bugs can be as large as an apple seed. I know that is what they were. The host first said they could be “mosquitoes.” I got a refund but I feel badly for the woman who stayed there since AirBNB refused to help her, since her English wasn’t strong and told her to call AirBNB Mexico, and she couldn’t get through. I tried to get them to help her and they refused. AirBNB is a true public health and claims disaster. I won’t be staying in one, or reserving one, ever again. I walked in, not knowing the “animals” were bed bugs so I hope I don’t have any on the pet carriers I had with me. It was 96 degrees and I couldn’t leave my animals in the car after she came running out screaming about the bugs in her bed. I don’t like leaving bad reviews but the pictures are the same and it is impossible to know if he’s still renting out the rooms adjacent to the one that was covered in bed bugs. There was a hallway to this historic building (Mare Island, old captain quarters) and he rents out rooms on the hall, along with one other building. Photos posted are and were the same for all of them. Should I post a review to let people know since AirBNB still has the rooms posted?? 

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Thank you. I wasn’t sure if it is the same listing still posted so it likely means that specific room isn’t listed anymore. He had two posts originally with the same photos. 

@Karen2915  These are definitely things to look out for when choosing a listing. If a host has a lot of reviews on their profile but the listings all appear to be new and unreviewed, that often means they have abysmal ratings that they're trying to cover up. Be sure to read the other reviews on their user account before you book.


Bedbugs are every traveler's nightmare, but they are a risk involved with every booking platform and accommodation type. Hostels, motels, and even luxury hotels like the Ritz-Carlton and Waldorf-Astoria have had infestations. Vacation homes by and large have far fewer public health risks than, say, cruise ships and family resorts, but it's well worth doing careful research and budgeting for a place with a great reputation.

@Karen2915  If you canceled the booking on your check-out date, Airbnb will prompt you to leave a review. But the prompt will only come on the day you were scheduled to check out. 


You can only review the listing that you booked, but it will still appear on the host's profile if he has other/duplicate listings.

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