City of the month March 2024: Los Angeles

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City of the month March 2024: Los Angeles

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Hi everyone,

Ready for the second instalment of our new series City of the month? 👀


From the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame to the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles charms millions with its unique blend of glamour and grit. Los Angeles, often dubbed the "City of Angels," is a vibrant metropolis nestled in Southern California, renowned for its diverse culture, entertainment industry, and sunny weather☀️


As an Airbnb host or guest, Los Angeles offers countless opportunities to experience the city like a local. From trendy apartments in downtown LA to cosy beachfront villas in Malibu, there's an array of different types of accommodations for every traveller 🏡


Are you a Host in L.A? Have you visited? How did you find it? Have you got any stories or recommendations to share? Let us know below 👇🏽


You can even guess which cities you think are in our top 20 places where the greatest number of members of this community have registered in 2023! 


Here are the cities that have already been published: 

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Los Angeles is full of amazing sites to see, restaurants to enjoy and nightlife to celebrate.  Silverlake is east of Hollywood, just outside of downtown L.A. 


Griffith Park Observatory is where you can see the entire city unfold.  From this perch - the view is from the ocean to the mountains - like a twinkling skirt of life fluttering below.  Hiking, biking, and lounging is abundant here as one of the largest parks in America. 


Dodger Stadium to see the Dodgers play baseball, or see Lakers & Clippers play at Crypto Arena. 


A trip to Los Angeles isn't complete without taking in a show at the classic Hollywood Bowl or Greek Theater - open air venues under the stars of Hollywood.


Musso & Franks is one of the most legendary bars in town, as is the coveted Chateau Marmont.


A trip down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills if you enjoy the bling, followed by a cheese plate and glass of bubbles at Wally's.


So much to see and do, and Silverlake, Los Feliz and Echo Park are great places to stroll.

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Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sophia, 

I’ve been an Airbnb Superhost for more than five years. I’ve spent a great deal of time to put together a list of everything and anything relating to a fun and memorable experience for those who stay at our place in LA! From all the trendy and hip restaurants, the best shopping options, most enjoyable museums and much more for things to do in and around LA It’s all in my Listing’s Guidebook if you want to check it out.  🙂

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Los Angeles, CA

People tend to say, “o- when you’re visiting, you HAVE TO go to ____…” and it’s usually because it just happens to be something they experienced while visiting. My guidebook is designed as those experiences & sites that I, as a local, return to over and over again- many locals haven’t even experienced them! In LA, traffic really will impact your day, so I’ve organized my guide by district, so it’s easy to get to one general area & then explore everything around that location:

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Los Angeles, CA

  My favorite places to take my guests to are the La Bra Tar pits.  the remains of ice age animals preserved in tar can only been seen here in LA.   The Page Museum is located next to the LA County Museum of Art  and The Academy of Motion Pictures Museum.  It is all surrounded by a park where you can see tar bubbling up from the ground.  


    My other favorite is the Flower Market.  Back before refrigeration, flower growers would get together close to the trains to ship flowers to the each coast on trains filled with ice.  Now there are tons of flowers and close by is the fabric and garment district. 


  Another favorite in the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. There are all kinds of gardens and art and a tea house.


 Just walking around my neighborhood in Venice beach can be very entertaining and interesting.  Lots of good food from hip dining to street tacos in the area.