Creating connections for young travelers in rural Italy

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Lecco, Italy

Creating connections for young travelers in rural Italy

Hosts play an important role in creating a more connected world, especially during a particularly lonely time. This series explores how Hosts can help revitalize places. Host Advisory Board members Claudia from Italy, Marielle from France, and Rie from Japan share their perspectives. Learn more about the Host Advisory Board.  


I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Milan. As a young girl, I attended the local church. For holidays, the nuns invited us to their home in Sueglio, a small village on Lake Como. 


Many years have passed since those trips and the nun’s residence has since closed. But I still remember the flavors of hand-picked chestnuts and yellow risotto, the company of friends, and the sounds of the guitar on the terrace at sunset.


Like many Italian villages in the valleys and inland areas, fewer people are currently living in Sueglio. Between 1951 and 2020, Sueglio’s population decreased by more than 50%, according to the Como-Lecco Chamber of Commerce. 


More recently, I've also seen the impact the pandemic has had on young people since 2020. As a mother of two teenagers, I've watched this generation experience isolation and struggle to find places to connect with others.


This motivated me to invest in a hospitality project dedicated to young people. I’ve been working with Valentina, a fellow Host and designer, for the past two years to restore and reopen the nun’s residence as a holiday home for young travelers.


The house will help young travelers experience autonomy, get to know one another, discover nearby nature, and take care of themselves and their surroundings. We hope it will once again become a vital place for the local community. 


We’ve collaborated with several partners on the project, including the municipality of Sueglio, Impresa Sociale Wonder Grottole, and two students from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.


Through our efforts, we aim to show it’s possible to reverse a trend and help a village become alive again. 

I’m excited to list this property on Airbnb soon, and I hope it will bring people together.

I look forward to welcoming many young travelers and temporary residents!


Read Marielle and Rie’s articles here: 


Do you have similar experiences to share? How do you think your actions as a Host can impact regrowth?

Valentina and the architects assess the property.Valentina and the architects assess the property.


View from the terrace of Lake Como covered by clouds.View from the terrace of Lake Como covered by clouds.The living room in the attic overlooking the lake.The living room in the attic overlooking the lake.




Valentina and I during one of the inspections to define the project.Valentina and I during one of the inspections to define the project.



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Lecco, Italy

@Daniel1651thanks for sharing this information! Pueblos Remotos, or remote workers (in Italy is used this definition) are more and more spread, statistics speack large numbers. For a time, it would be my dream...

Ideally, they become temporary resident of a village, a neighborhood, and they can bring value and resources on those areas

Meaning a sort of reciprocal exchange: a place that offers you a satisfying stay, you repay it with an exchange of skills, some volunteer time, and a desire to improve what you see that is not working at its best

what do you think about a new category with this focus? "remote work"?

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Kampala, Uganda

Hello Claudia and  great friends here

Thanks for the great stories especially to some of us who are new in this platform

It gives me energy to welcome you to Uganda and have great experience too

Lets us all keep this grow to the sky


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Lecco, Italy

@Ibrahim260 Thanks to you!

The connection between us and people on this platform is great I agree, and in general the connection between different cultures and life style in the world 


I’m curious if you you have similar experiences to share in your country? 
And how your activity as host can impact about the regrowth of your area? 

Hello Claudia 331

Very much thanks too for your response

Yes we really have very much great different things to share and great experiences that vary from culture, norms , life style, foods, games, languages and a a lot and would you come to Uganda i guess you will go back with very good welcome and hospital atmosphere

You know my wife is a primary teacher and and gaining different experiences of handling pupils from different parts of the world will make her develop holistically with a very forecast mind

My children too will be able to learn from the friends that they will be in position to get and makes them easy to adapt on any culture they really get into

You know am social work who really deals with different communities everyday so this platform will enable very good connections between different communities that will build very good mutual understanding and friendship

Once again thanks for your cooperation and look forward to hearing from you

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Melbourne, Australia

You rock! Great story 

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi @Claudia331 , 

What a wonderful story you have shared and your input in the community development is very much admirable. I also grew up in a small country and spent holidays in small villages with my grandparents so I very much relate to that small cosy but warm and loving atmosphere that you shared in your story. What a fabulous view you have up there! There are so many hidden gems that so many people haven't event heard about. Thanks for sharing a piece of heaven you have created. 


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Lecco, Italy

Dear @Rose422 thank you for your appreciation, thought and for sharing your story

Agree with you, many hidden gems, many hosts involved in...