Did you see the northern lights last weekend?

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Port Moody, Canada

Did you see the northern lights last weekend?

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Hello everyone 😁


This year has brought some fascinating natural events. A couple of months ago, from certain parts of Canada, we had the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse. More recently, from many places in the northern hemisphere and even some in the southern hemisphere, we had the chance to see the northern lights 🌟


Unexpectedly, I was one of the fortunate people who got to see this from my balcony. It was a surprising and thrilling experience. Natural events like this bring me a lot of joy, and this one was particularly special.


I would like to share some photos I took from my home and invite you to tell us: Did you have the opportunity to see the northern lights from your place? Please share in this thread the photos you were able to capture from different angles @Karen4131@Helen3@Mike-And-Jane0@Zheng49@Robin4., @Laurelle3@Ruth413@Sandra856@Kitty-and-Creek0 @Lorina14 and @Joelle43 were any of you able to see them?


Maybe we can create a collage with photos from many Hosts and guests enjoying the northern lights 🌟





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And seeing some beautiful aurora borealis is on my bucket list… oh well maybe I have to go to some Scandinavian countries - I’ve heard Denmark has great auroras…