FT Lauderdale/Davie FL - Advice on finding room rentals

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FT Lauderdale/Davie FL - Advice on finding room rentals

How do I find safe areas to stay in Broward County, FL?   I live in Boston, MA and don't really know South FL very well.  I think I may want to transition/relocate to Broward County FL and become a FL resident.  I'm trying to find room rentals that I can book a week at a time over various months during the spring and summer of 2023 when I fly down to FL to interview for accounting jobs (I'm a CPA) and also start as a part-time grad student at Florida Atlantic University in the Master of Taxation program.  My classes will be online and sometimes live on Saturdays at the Davie, FL campus (Broward College campus).  Are Plantation and Davie generally safe areas?  I've only visited Davie and Boca Raton briefly and didn't have time to really drive around much.  Recently, I came down to visit FAU and I booked in advance a room at a Travel Lodge (not in Plantation or Davie but somewhere else in Broward) and I was shocked when I showed up at night to check in as it looked really dangerous with people hanging around outside and bulletproof glass at the hotel reception desk. I ended up just going to a different hotel. I would like to use Air B&B but am concerned about safety.

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Hi @Peter3596 ! It's always a bit daunting when you're planning to move elsewhere, especially if you're not that familiar with the area. Perhaps @Clara116 or @Michael5047 could tell you a bit more? 🙂

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Hello Peter!!!


I host several condos in a very safe area of Coconut Creek and availability for the dates you mentioned.


If you are interested, please send me an inquiry. Here's the listing:



@Sybe Thanks for the referral 

Mike from West Palm

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