Have any of your guests become friends?

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London, United Kingdom

Have any of your guests become friends?


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Hey there,


There’s many wonderful stories here on the CC about fantastic hosting experiences with great guests. With such developed rapport between the two parties, commonalities, interests and likes must inspire some great conversations.


Do you still speak to any of your old guests or hosts? Have you become friends or pen pals?


I’ve spoken to some of you about this before so I think some of your stories would be delightful to share with your fellow contributors.







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Flassans-sur-Issole, France

Hello. We have been hosting for just over 1.5 years now, and in that time we have met some really lovely people with whom we keep in touch. So yes, we have definitely made friends with some of our guests. In fact 2 guests left recently after a 10 day stay, and in our guest book they wrote « we came as clients and we leave as friends « . Says it all!


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Kernville, CA

We have become friends with many of our guests, who have returned more than once.  One couple stayed with us for a weekend, then booked two weeks later, and decided to move to our small mountain town.  We enjoy greeting and visiting with returning guests.

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Peachland, Canada


A senior guy who booked on Airbnb for a month in our Carriage House almost immediately became a friend and is now our regular guest and also house sits for us too for extended or short periods to look after our cat.   Though find most of the time better to stick on friendly business terms, though we have guests that come back year after year and to whom we give discounts, plus a bottle of wine on arrival to say thanks.


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Portland, OR

I have been a host for almost 8 years.  Over that time I have mostly had people stay because they needed a place to sleep, but once in a while I get a guest and we just click and it makes it all worth it.  I love when that happens.  We connect and then we write to each other or visit in person.  One woman who stayed with me for a month while working on a project near me has become a friend and we regularly email each other and she books with me whenever she's back in town.  I exchange holiday cards with one of my first guests who live in Switzerland.  I've gone out to dinner with guests and have invited guests to have dinner with me at home when I was cooking.  I love it when there is that special connection.  It doesn't happen that often...maybe one in 10-15 guests...but when it does, I smile because this is the reason I wanted to be a host in the first place.

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Oudtshoorn, South Africa

I hosted guests during December 2018 and we became friends. Denise and myself will talk at least once a week. Sometimes every day. 




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Santa Clara, CA

My past guests often come back and look me up when in town.  Just last week a guest from Scotland that stayed for 3 months last year came into town on a Google fellowship and stayed with me instead of the hotel room Google paid for.

Always happy to see my friends,  old and new! 

I have been invited to stay with guests and their families all over the world. Love Airbnb... it is the best way to make new friends. 

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Cleveland, OH

I live downstairs and my airbnb is the second floor apartment. They, and I, can sense just how much contact is needed and wanted. I have had guests from Germany and Switzerland send me cards and chocolates at holiday time. I have become friends with a couple who stayed with me for three months. After a few years, they are returning in the fall, from France, to stay with me again. I think it’s a wonderful gift if friendships develop. 

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New South Wales, Australia

Yes I have become good friends with a couple from overseas. We clicked when we met. This I believe became more so when one had an accident and ended up in hospital. So I took their partner to hospital to visit. I also helped them move to their next Airbnb, as they were still in hospital after the check out time expired and I had another guest checking in. We converse regularly and they are recovering well at home. 

Yes, quite a few actually.