Hello, Milagros greets you.

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La Molina, Peru

Hello, Milagros greets you.

hello, I share with you, with great joy and satisfaction, having been chosen super anfirtiona, I consider that the effort, the motivation to care for the guest and comply with the rules and objectives is the result of the recognition.


I am a host of country and beach houses, located in the city of Lima, Peru, where you enjoy the climate, nature and culinary art of our central country. the best restaurant in the world is located in Lima. "Peru is a beautiful country with many tourist places." Machu Picchu” one of the wonders of the world is part of our ancestors; I invite you to know our country and be our guests.

I am very grateful and happy for this recognition of a super host; which commits me to moving forward, improving as a person, improving the care of our guests and improving the conditions.

Thank you very much, Airbnb.

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Congratulations @Milagros-Esther0



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