Hosts in Corfu Greece

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Toronto, Canada

Hosts in Corfu Greece

Hi there and thank you for welcoming me to the community. 

I was wondering if there are Hosts willing to consider trading Airbnb’s?  


It’s a great way to see the world knowing that each will respect and take great care of their Hosts Airbnb. 


Would love to start a chat about the possibility. 


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Hello ! Good idea )))

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Bondi, Australia

This is an amazing idea!!! Would love to do it

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Galveston, TX

Sounds wonderful, a great idea. I just hope that everyone who participates are honest and act as good guest. A really fun idea and a great way to see the world.


Iolanda-Galveston, Tx

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Athens, Greece


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London, United Kingdom

You could list your Airbnb on HomeExchange and do actual Home swaps, if you want to do something like that.  

Hi, I would be interested. Could you tell me more about your property?