I'm Ordering Free Dinner Turkey / Istanbul

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İstanbul, Turkey

I'm Ordering Free Dinner Turkey / Istanbul

Hello, I've been an Airbnb host for about 8 years and I'm also an Airbnb Host ambassador.
Among the people who make a reservation, I give a free dinner to the person who meets the 2 conditions.
1-) Being an Airbnb Host
2-) Being a SuperHost
3-) Being an Airbnb Host ambassador.

Thank you, have a nice day.

by FatihUNAL
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Bristol, United Kingdom

How many people have you had stay that meet those conditions- I wouldn't 😁 @Fatih13 


Be great to hear about how this went /what the special meal is? 

how's the food by the way?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Fatih13 


That's a lovely gesture! 

What kind of food do you offer for this special dinner?  Do you have any interesting stories from previous guests who have had dinner with you?



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That is a nice gesture. However, I have often heard it said (and have experienced this myself), that hosts make the worst guests!

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