Moving into my air bnb

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Moving into my air bnb

I am in a situation where I might have to move into one of my air bnb property’s and cancel reservations. This is last minute/unforeseen situation. I have blocked off all available dates and will have to cancel reservations. I am holding out as long as possible so I can minimize cancellations. I wonder if air bnb will be of any help? I have been on the platform since 2014, have been a superhost since 2015. I have a few other properties on air bnb so I am hoping that they don’t kick me off the platform! Wondering if anyone has been in this situation or know of anyone who has. 

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Helen’s suggestion to move out when you have those remaining bookings is a good one, if that’s possible for you. You avoid all penalties that way, and if you wish to continue hosting, it will be worth the hassle for you. The worst penalty will  be the ‘Host cancelled this booking’ auto review. This will hurt your future bookings as guests will not trust you not to cancel on them and will avoid booking with you.



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@Josh1048   If you are going to have to cancel bookings, it may be more prudent to tell your upcoming guests that the property will no longer be available for their requested dates and encourage them to find another property and then cancel their existing reservation.  Either way you will run the risk of Air taking punitive action. 

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@Josh1048  Please don't leave it to the last minute you are only making it worse for your  guests who will find it harder to find alternative accommodation.


if the reason for your cancellation doesn't come under Airbnbs EC policy , Airbnb won't kick you off the platform they will just give you a small fine for each booking you cancel.


have you looked to see rather than cancelling your guests if you could move back into the listing and stay with friends/relatives when you have bookings . 

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@Josh1048 Holding off until the last minute will make it worse for your guests who will then have to rush around at the last minute to find alternative accommodation. Unless you come under an Extenuating Circumstance you will/should be penalised for these cancellations.

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