Visiting and living in Alaska

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Wasilla, AK

Visiting and living in Alaska

I love living in Alaska.  I am a transplant from the Lower 48 what us Alaskans call the contiguous 48 states south of Canada.  I feel Alaska is my back yard and there is so much to explore.  If one prefers warmer temperatures, then summer between June (sometimes May) and August would be the best time.  Keep in mind, during the summer we have a minimum of 20 hours of daylight and between 2-4am, it's dusk not totally dark.  Between September and March, one can see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) because we have more darkness.  It does rain here, so being prepared for all kinds of weather and temperatures is best.  Alaska is definitely for people who love the outdoors between the magnificent views, there are mountains, lakes, glaciers, wildlife, Prince William Sound, Resurrection Bay and Cook Inlet where one can view whales (multiple species), sea lions and seals, colorful birds.  Lots of hiking, mountain climbing, ice climbing available, along with fishing and hunting.  During the winter, we have the Iditarod dog mush race from Willow to Nome, the Fur Rendezvous festival prior to the Iditarod, lots of ice skating and again ice climbing and hiking.  It's very beautiful here is all I can say!


My studio apartment is located in the middle on the road system between the Iditarod Headquarters and Hatcher Pass Recreation Area.  My place is a little over an hour away from Matanuska Glacier and Talkeetna (in different directions).  It's about 3-4 hour drive to Denali National Park, but it's an easy drive.  We also have lots of canoe trails.  There are several Native villages where one can learn different cultures.

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Hey there @Karen4128 It sounds like you're having an incredible time living in Alaska! The natural beauty and outdoor activities seem amazing 😍

The variety of wildlife and opportunities to explore by doing such activities is a  dream for outdoor enthusiasts. It's great that your studio apartment is centrally located, making it convenient to explore nearby attractions for guests. I bet they'll never run out of things to do! 😊



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