Waiting for you quests

Level 4
Kampala, Uganda

Waiting for you quests

Hello my great lovely quests

I hear wait for you and this is the great time for you to come and experience the pearl of Africa

I will make for you very great super coffee form Arabic coffee here in Uganda with great Aroma

I know you will really have time to enjoy the true taste of our services

With much regards to you all in this platform

I love you all

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hi @Ibrahim260, thank you very much for your kind message and invitation 😃


How has your experience been so far? How is this season shaping up for you? Is it a vibrant or calm hosting period?


Keep us posted



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Hello @Paula 

Very much thanks for your great job too in this platform,

Yes and sure this is the the vibrant and good hosting period for me host my guest till the end of the year

Am really ready to welcome you all

Have great time and may our dreams come true in this platform