Is it a vibrant or calm Hosting period for you?

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London, United Kingdom

Is it a vibrant or calm Hosting period for you?

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Hello everyone,

As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment to check in with all of you and see how things are going 😊

The holiday season can bring a lot of excitement, events, and travel opportunities, but we know that it can also be a quieter period for some Hosts. Some people enjoy taking it easier around this time, wind down, and perhaps even take some time off.


Are you currently experiencing a bustling festive period with a high influx of guests? Or is it a quieter time where you have fewer bookings coming in?

Whether you're enjoying a steady stream of guests or facing a temporary lull, we'd love to hear about your experiences during this time and welcome you to share your wisdom with the wider community 



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Ventura, CA

It’s a bit of both! 
certainly not the insane pace of summer but here in California we get guests year round. 
im thinking of doing something new! Replacing my normal listing cover photo with a holiday pic.

ive noticed that when I change my cover pic (radically) I get bookings right away. I’m still not booked for the higher priced days of Christmas and NYE so I thought I’d give it a try ❤️

November was very slow but the December holiday period is doing well. We have too many short term rentals in our town and so bookings are down overall from past years. I expect the skiing season in the winter months to be slow and overall for 2024 to be less that past years with lower rates because of the competition. James Kopp

We are pretty booked for December but the next two months are quieter.   Probably because we are in a cold weather climate.

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Star City, WV

It's been vibrant since I hosted my first guest two months ago and it's still very much so!

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Royal Borough of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Depends.. because I have a property in Argentina, Buenos Aires and normally in December, the customers goes to beach or to go to Patagonia to celebrate holidays and New year.
Buenos Aires in December is a bit difficult for us due the high temperature (30 degrees or more) so it is a calm period  for Buenos Aires...
I'm a new host in Arbn and I see that I had good amount of customers on August to November included. Fantastic.

Anyway, we are preparing this time  the home with new decoration, more plants and to learning how to be an excellent host for our future guests. 
For us, this time is a perfect moment to see  our results and how to improve more our business.
Thank you @Sophia to invite me and it is useful for us to participate! 🙂

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London, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Sophia )☺️🎄

Thank you for your message.


Regarding bookings :

I am with Airbnb business 5th month already . 

It is not crazy busy as I was expecting for Christmas and New Year time .

I still have dates available. 
I say not much people booking in advance much . 50/50 

I adjusting prices all the time . And still in the way to my satisfaction))

Last month  ( I am counting from 18th each months as it is my rent ) I was booked only 50% . This month Nov-Dec 70%. 
I am using only Airbnb platform on the moment . Thinking do I need to add other one to have 100% bookings and price which good and stable . 
The best is to cover the rent , bills and have little bit in top . On the moment I am covering rent without bills and  extra . It is for last 2 months . I am renting part of big flat . So generally I am living for free myself as bookings almost covering a rent . This is my first good achievement I think . 
Hopefully to achieve a good results in the future. 

Warm Winter Wishes ,





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Sandpoint, ID

It is getting busier! We have lake fun in the summer and a ski hill in the winter. The ski season hasn't been amazing so it's been slow but we have many upcoming bookings anticipating the winter becoming great!

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Paignton, United Kingdom

Very quiet compared to last two years at this time.


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Jacksonville, FL

Hello! Here in St. Augustine is fully booked for December❤️

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Kathmandu, Nepal

Hey Sophia,


Recently I have added few more properties to my listing. I just need to figure it out how it will go this season for me compare to last year. 

Compare to last month I have more inquiry, I will see how the thing will go over here. I need to add some extra amenities to my guest as winter is approaching over here. 

Warm Regards from Nepal  



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Halifax, United Kingdom

HI, since the middle of November it's def been very calm. I've had two bookings, one for 3 nights, the other for 7 nights over the Christmas period. I've taken myself off instant booking for a while, (I had a "problem guest" trying to re-book). But also, I'm pretty new to Airbnb, I only opened in October and I did get into it expecting things to be quiet late in the year. We are a tourist town but not like London or York, It's very much a seasonal thing. I'm about to contact local companies who I think may carry out training on site, they may find it useful to have somewhere local that they can recommend. I do feel it's something that is built up over time.

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Louisville, KY

My market is flooded with Airbnbs and occupancy rates are falling for all of us.  It is very frustrating that despite the massive oversupply, Airbnb continues to aggressively recruit  new hosts. 

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Toronto, Canada

HI Sophia,

it is very quiet right now in Toronto. We also have very stringent rules when it come to short term rentals so since i am at home now and i can only short term rent my principal residence, my listing is not on the market for now.

I do have another listing that i rent Mid term and that one is currently booked until the beginning of January but nothing after that so far.

Toronto is not exactly the best place for Airbnb now, the media and the government have stigmatized Airbnb and us hosts as being at fault for the shortage of rental properties. We all know from market studies and own Airbnb studies that this is a lie but we being used as scapegoats. A lot of us have sadly decided to let go.....

Would be great if Airbnb would be a little bit more proactive in helping us fight stupid and unfair regulations.


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Baltimore, MD

Definitely a bit lackluster. I don’t allow instant bookings, which Airbnb keeps trying to convince me to do, but I’m not comfortable without the back and forth introductions in the beginning. It’s worked fine for me this way, so I’m going to keep it. But yeah, definitely slowed down here in Baltimore, MD.