Where do I post my rental license number?

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Boulder, CO

Where do I post my rental license number?

I know I have seen it somewhere.....but just spent a half hour trying to find it again. Ugh! The site is so un-intunitive.

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Hi all.  I added mine by enclosing the registration number in single quotation marks - '1234567xyz'.  

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Los Angeles, CA

Hi, go to your listing, then Policies & Regulations. (=

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Limassol, Cyprus

I can't find any place to enter the licence number for Cyprus Laws and regulations. I might just include a photo with the licence number.

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Boulder, CO

You can find the box to add your rental license number by going to Edit Listing > Policies and Rules > scroll down to Local Laws (click View) > enter under License or Registration Number.


I found it only by digging around for an hour, such a difficult box to find given how important it is.

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Boston, MA

I'm in boston and have hosted for a few years - i need to register with the state and city - did that for 2020 and was able to find a box that is dedicated to input that number.  I'm now trying to relist my place and cannot find how to get to that box and put in my updated information - hence i'm not allowed to relist my place.  have been calling airbnb almost daily since 4/24/21 to get someone on the phone to help me out.  any thoughts?



I am unable to edit, only view and my expiration has never been updated from original. However, I do recall there being a field to input the number initially.  I cannot find where this field is published in my listing either so I have it in my description just in case and in preview at least, it is not redacted.

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Kaneohe, HI

Found this old thread while looking for this field. When I first wrote my listing, the field was available but now it is gone. Could this be because the local laws are changing? I'm so confused.

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Boulder, CO

I FINALLY found this. Go to your listing (where you would edit everything else). Below the title of your listing there is a row of options. "Listing Details", "Booking Settings", etc.

Click on "Local Laws". That's where you enter the number. So (not) intuitive!!!!

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Ottawa, Canada

Thank you!! This worked 🙂

Thank you so much for posting this Stacey!   I can't believe how difficult it was to find this and that you can't do a simple help search to locate this field in the help function.  

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San Francisco, CA

In select markets there is a dedicated field called "License or registration number" for hosts to enter their license numbers. That field lives in "Manage Your Space" on the "Local Laws" tab. If you do not see this field on the "Local Laws" tab, then it has not been activated for your market. In these cases, please enter your license number into one of the "Title & description fields" (found in "Manage Your Space" > "Listing details"). We recommend using the "Other things to note" field towards the bottom of this section.Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 12.35.25 PM.png

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Seattle, WA

Same story!  I've been on hold and customer service is researching.  Your answer is correct! It worked!

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Calgary, Canada

 click the heading of the specific listing to open the listing edit page
Now click Policies & Rules
Scroll down to Laws & Regulations
Click EDIT next to Regulations
Now you'll be able to edit your business license number.

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San Francisco, CA

OMG thank you was pulling my hair out trying to find this. Airbnb is SO not intuitive

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Laguna Beach, CA

I still can't find the "license and registration" field. This article says it's under location, for your listing, but it's wrong.  https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/909/boulder--co

It's not there in my account.

And the city wants me to post it asap. Not sure what to do.

Why can't someone from AirBnB straighten this out?

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Templeton, CA

No one from AirBnB will answer because they don't know the answer. I have been trying everyday for a week to get information from them. I just get the run around.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Hi Ted,


I had the same issue. Airbnb doesn't currently have a feature where you can add your license number. They suggested me to take a picture of the license and add it to the listing pictures. 

It works for the authorities.

Hope this help 🙂

I too am frustrated tying to find the registration field. My city of Avon Colorado, requires that my business number is posted on the listing.  I first called Airbnb directly on 10/15/2018 and the representative could not help me. I have since done 3 days of research trying to find the registration field with no result - I don't beileve there is such a field -- and I also tried to post a photo of my license. The photo was removed by Airbnb.  I am perplexed as to why Airbnb does not step up and help out their hosts who are thier revenue source. I think it is time to look for alternatives. Does anyone have good experiences with other sites?

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Zagreb, Croatia



did anyone find the field where the rental license number can be written?


Thank you,


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Vancouver, WA

Permit Posting Requirement. You are required to include your short-term license number on your listing. You may include your short-term rental license number on your listing by going to Manage Listing and Calendar > Location (under Listing section).  In the “License or registration number” field, type in your license number following the acceptable license format for Denver. The format is: YYYY-BFN-XXXXXXX. An example would be: 2016-BFN-0001234.

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