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    Hi there! I'm brand new as a host and have decided to play the safety card when it comes to bookings as I so not want to risk anything in my personal home. I have asked to set the criteria for guests to profile photo required, identity verified and revie... Latest reply by Huma0
    Hi, Something weird is happening with my listing. I have the description originally in Portuguese and set to translate automatically the description to English, French, German and Spanish, but when I check the listing in other languages, the description d... Latest reply by Huma0
    Hello All! My name is Sidnie, and I am ready to start my career in the airbnb community. I am looking to co-host because I currently do not own any property. I am currently a receptionist at Microsoft in Charlotte, NC. I have clerical and administrative e... Latest reply by Quincy
    I have a flexible refund option OR a non-refundable option. The non-refundable option provides for a percentage off the rate. It is voluntary to the potential guest, they choose which option during booking. I had a guest book 10 days ago. They chose the ... Latest reply by Heather1513
    I have noticed a significant drop-off in reservations since the summer rollout so I decided to do some research. I was in travel mode and noticed my listing doesn't show up on the Map unless I zoom in to almost the exact location - all the criteria are m... Latest reply by Huma0
    Whatever you nurture grows. Its a rainy morning here and this gif just triggered some positivity in me.Whatever you nurture grows whether its in business, relationship, kindness.....eventually it will grow and th... Latest reply by Laurelle3
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    i have had a listing on airbnb for around 10 years, have had a 5 day suspension a couple of times for i guess not getting high enough ratings, i got a 30 day suspension out of the blue, have had some ratings that criticised the cleanliness usual battle to... Latest reply by Helen3