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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Community Center! I'm @Bhumika , one of the Community Managers for our English Community Center along with my lovely team members @Quincy @Paula @Breanna and @Sophia and we are thrilled to have you join us. Let's kickstar... Latest reply by Bhumika
    Hey everyone! I’ve been hosting for about 4 months now and things are going great. Wanted to start a conversation for hosts in Detroit to share advice, tips, etc. I’ve found family dollar and the dollar store a cool budget friendly store to stock your air... Latest reply by Patricia4316
    Egad !Greetings ~ With Thanksgiving coming up quickly and Christmas just around the corner, I'm curious what your plans are with hosting ? We aren't getting together with family this year so would be okay having guests. Is it common to have people wantin... Latest reply by Cheri354
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    Hello AirBnB-community, We've just been granted the superhost status. My question to you: has this feature made a big difference in attracting customers? Thank you for your answers. Enjoy your day, Micheline #superhost Latest reply by Mark4445
    Hello. I got started with my blog from this month. The reason why I began to it, because I want to know more about interested topics such as a painting pictures, travels, and hobbies and so on. Of course the community cafe also keep on continuing fo... Latest reply by Sophia
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    Hello everyone, Several of us dedicate some of our spare time to volunteer for a cause that we care about, whether that’s helping the elderly, cleaning up litter or working on community garden projects. There are so many different ways we can volun... Latest reply by Marisa182
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