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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Community Center! I'm @Bhumika , one of the Community Managers for our English Community Center along with my lovely team members @Quincy @Paula and @Rebecca and we are thrilled to have you join us. Let's kickstart this... Latest reply by Kelley152
    I notice I was level 1 when I started a conversation and really nice lady replied to my post and I notice she was level 10. After I replied her good advice I was level 2.What that really means? Is level here at conventions or in general like a Host. Latest reply by Bhumika
    Hello everyone I think we may all agree that hosting on Airbnb is not only about providing a place to stay but about creating unforgettable experiences for guests. We know from reading stories in the Community Center, that so many of you go above a... Latest reply by Pedro2032
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    Hello everyone I am Asad Pervez. I am new to hosting and looking to convert a my townhouse into an Airbnb in a few months. Looking to connect with co-hosts and learn from your wisdom.
    Good day to all Superhosts particularly those that have kept the status for a year and hence have a $100 voucher. You can do great things with this voucher - Just book a stay with a suitable host in Ukraine and the value of the voucher will be way more th... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    I’m excited to introduce myself as a new host in the vibrant city of Berlin! I recently hosted my very first guest, and it was an amazing experience! Why did I decide to become an Airbnb host? Well, I realized that my place is nestled right in the heart...
    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and we're on the Cotswold Way hiking trail, near Cheltenham. Hosting has been entertaining if a bit exhausting with quick turnarounds sometimes! We get a lot of 1 or 2 night stays, walkers, festival goers and weddings. I'd welcome a... Latest reply by Paula