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    Hi all, I had a guest that just checked out and made a mess of mud around my firing that looks like he was at Glastonbury. I know grass grows, but here in the Pacific Northwest, it will be a while. For one person to make such a mess is really irresponsibl... Latest reply by Lori234
    I have joint ownership of a house with my husband. Can he sign an agreement with Airbnb without my approval? he has done that for a couple of the homes that we own in NV. But those houses were in trust under his name. Thank you for your help. Toubi Latest reply by Lisa723
    I don't know how widespread this might be. I haven't seen anything here on the CC yet so I am posting this as a new thread to get as much attention from fellow hosts as possible.This morning I opened my emails and I immediately focused on this one .......... Latest reply by Mari92
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    Hi all, I'm new to the AirBnb thing; just tried my first back in JAN. So I have an unusual season in my life that is requiring me to stay in a smaller town for about 6 months, then move again to my permanent location. Most apartments don't do a 6 month ... Latest reply by Siena5
    Is there even a point in expressing why? Surely, the post will be deleted. Suffice to say, karma is not very nice. What you reap, you sow. We've just hosted our last guest. Plenty more are booked but they'll have to find accommodation elsewhere. I didn'... Latest reply by Robin4