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    On 10/13/2020 I reserved and paid for a stay via AirBnB in Kapa’a, Kauai for the dates of 12/5/2020-12/12/2020 through a host known as Amber. I paid $667 for a five day stay and $185 cleaning fee for a total of $852. At the time of booking, her site clear... Latest reply by Sarah977
    So I have been hosting for a little over year, and I’ve enjoyed it for the most part... until it comes to my moderate cancellation policy. Three times in less then a month I’ve been pressured into refunding guest, the first two I gave full refunds to and ... Latest reply by Bryanna7
    If you find yourself in a situation where your guest won't follow any rules, put your house in danger, make a mess with your neighbor and react to your polite requests with arrogance and offensive manner what is your first step as a superhost after 6 year... Latest reply by Maani-And-Azi0
    On a lighter note, I came across this from a post in the community leader group. We've had a lot of guests quarantining in our home. Which of the following best describes your listing? I would have to say House #1 for us. Have you changed your listing... Latest reply by Dimitar27
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    Hi. I am a super host for 2 years. I've found the experience very enjoyable as well as lucrative.The space I rent out is a bedroom and bathroom in my home so my calendar is blocked through February. I want to open up again but am still concerned about ... Latest reply by Sarah977
    I had a guest stay 1 night. Only issue was she was up all night with her "study friend" having relations very loudly to where I got complaints from 3 other guests. I left a mild review just hinting at the issue. She left me a good review. 5 minutes late... Latest reply by Sheema0
    I'm still very new to hosting. I think I'm handling this right, but not totally sure. My current long term guest is booked till end of this month. He has recently stated he plans to extend his stay by another month and I've indicated to him I'll approve. ... Latest reply by Helen3