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Hello everyone, This is a place to find information and general updates about the Community Center, such as guidelines for conversations and how to get started here. This board is closed for new topics, but we welcome your comments. Click on 'Join the C...
Hello everyone, We have been working on some updates to the Community Center so I am pleased to inform that it is now completed. Although the majority of this update is to the inner workings of the CC and therefore is not visible to us, you will still n... Latest reply by Lizzie
Hello everyone, I have some exciting news, our team will be working on some updates to improve the Community Center. We will be performing an upgrade of the Community Center on Wednesday December 13th at 8am Pacific time. During this time, the Commun... Latest reply by Lizzie
Hello again, Hosts! Your ideas and questions about the Host Guarantee have sparked some important conversation at Airbnb headquarters. As with our recent Q&A posts on Smart Pricing, Search, and Instant Book, we collected lots of questions from you ... Latest reply by Jessi-and-Nick0
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Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that the first global host Q&A with our CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky is next week. In the Q&A, Brian will answer your top-voted questions. To submit your questions about the Airbnb platform, hosting, ... Latest reply by Cristina-And-Daniel0
Hello everyone, I have some celebratory news to share with you—this week marks the 2nd anniversary of the Community Center! As is customary with birthdays we felt we couldn't let this go by without marking the occasion and so we wanted to share with you... Latest reply by Julie697
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Hello everyone, I thought you might be interested to know about a live panel discussion which is happening on Monday, November 13th on trust and the sharing economy. The event will be lead by award-winning author Rachel Botsman and she will be joined ... Latest reply by Oomesh-Kumarsingh0
Hello everyone, October has already been and gone and I can't quite believe I am saying this, but we are quickly edging our way towards the end of the year. Before we start to think about that though, I wanted to share with you the Community Center high... Latest reply by Oomesh-Kumarsingh0
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Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we are currently experiencing some difficulties with access to the Community Center (CC). This is only affecting some users so if you can access the CC you should be able to use it as per usual, this me... Latest reply by Lizzie
Hello everyone, Smart Pricing is a commonly discussed topic in the Community Center and we have heard from many of you that you would like to know more about how it works. So, similarly with our previous topics on Instant Book and How Search Works, the... Latest reply by Ann10
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Hello everyone, We often see questions and discussion topics here in the Community Center around hosting regulations for your building, condo, or rented home. So we brought your most-asked questions to the Airbnb team and have gathered their answers for... Latest reply by Xavier448