Registering your Airbnb in Massachusetts

Registering your Airbnb in Massachusetts

Hello to register your listing with mass tax connect do the following:

1.log onto

2.create an account (you will need to make a username and create a pin. You will need to give your social security number contact telephone number, address and  the amount of your last refund from the state of Massachusetts, not your federal amount.) You will receive an email that confirms your request to create an online account. After this nothing happened for me so i logged on to masstaxconnect a week later and selected in the log on to my account section, the forgot my password button. I thin entered my username and it prompted me to change my password (which I never had the opportunity to this point to create), then successfully created a password after receiving a verification text which I entered in.

3. Log onto your account using your username and the password you just created.

4.In the right margin, click on add an account type

5.Click on room occupancy consolidation

6.answer questions after entering in your address and having it verified, regarding your type of rental.

7. hopefully once you click on submit you will receive a confirmation email of your request and get a certificate of registration number which starts with a c and is 10 digits.

Hope that helps as I sort of had to figure this out on my own!

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(re-posting to a more recent certificate question from May 2024]:


@Mass1390 Once I registered our new short-term rental on Mass Tax Connect (as 'Room Occupancy Consolidated', and rec'd a confirmation number that my submission went through, I was able to find the certificate number under my Mass Tax Connect account / login.  (It was NOT emailed to me!).  


To find your certificate number:  Login to your Mass Tax Connect account, go to 'Summary' (should be the landing page upon login), where you can see your 'Room Occupancy Consolidated short-term rental /business address. 

From here, click on 'View Operator's Properties'.  This will take you to your list of registered properties (or the only property you registered), and you will see a 'View Certificate' link.  This opens a clean MA Dept. of Revenue PDF which shows the certificate # and has a half-page official looking printable summary of the certificate of registration as required by MA state law. 


Mass Tax Connect was not a super-straightforward process but once you've made it through the registration process, finding the certificate should be the easy part! Hope this is helpful.