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Hi I am confused with the GST collection. I saw that GST was being charged on my listing but I thought I would get that money and then remit it myself. It seems like was wrong on that. From what I read airbnb keeps the money and sends it to the government...
Hello, AirBnb is not at all transparent as regards currencies. When I book an apartement in Thailand, I first check the price in thai bahts then switch to euro, which is the currency of my bank account and credit card, when I book. Does AirBnb charge conv... Latest reply by Bhumika
Here's a recent posting: TAR & VN (Transient Accommodation Rentals & Vacation Nodes) Zoom meeting on 11/21/22. Here is the link to the draft amendment to Rule 23/Bill 108 of 2018. More restrictive to include hosted rentals and the fees are hefty. https://...
Hi all you lovely hosts, I wanted to open a conversation about the costs of heating and other fuel costs associated with hosting now that energy bills in the UK are rising exponentially. My bills personally are almost doubling, I suspect the situation is ... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
I would like to propose an investigation dedicated to Airbnb’s shady practices of wooing new hosts to join while providing fraudulent ‘incentives’: Airbnb is driving to increase host sign up, but have no host retention plan and their 3 million Air Cover ... Latest reply by CatalunyaCasas0
Why are we still been asked for Double ID and advised we need current Photo or Government ID AND a SELFIE or/ and subjected to Payments been Paused? We recently changed address and have had to go through this rigmarole. Many will have no valid passport du... Latest reply by Suline1