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    I have been an Airbnb Host with Superhost status for about a year now. My home is doing well and overall, I have been satisfied with Airbnb's platform; however, I recently received an offer to refer a new host with a referral bonus of $720. I have a frien...
    Hi, I am looking to buy my first home and list it on airbnb. However, I would like to stay in my home when work permits. My question is, when applying for a mortgage should I be applying for a buy-to-let mortgage or a standard mortgage? I have read about... Latest reply by Helen3
    I have been a host for a bit over 3 years now, and have never experienced an issue with a delayed payout of this nature. Wonderful guests stayed at my place, Cape Town, South Africa. I had updated my payout method after a notification was received that... Latest reply by Rebecca
    So I am about to contact my past guests and ask if they have paid for their reservations because I have not received any payment for the past 7 stays. I cannot believe Airbnb is holding payments for this long. If I ran a business like this I would have no... Latest reply by Rebecca