Airbnb Community it legit?

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New Hampshire, United States

Airbnb Community it legit?

Has anyone else received an invitation to become an “Airbnb Community Expert” and is it legitimate? Too many requests for detailed personal info…

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@Bart-and-Paula0 Yes it is. I got invitations too, and I know colleagues who are Airbnb Community Experts.

Yup I filled it out and did my best to answer the questions. Never heard back maybe I didn't have the right advice. LOL 


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Hello @Bart-and-Paula0, thank you for bringing this topic to our community. Have you had a chance to read Jennipha's and Till's comments?


I'm sharing an article titled How do I know if an email or website is really from Airbnb? that can help in this and future situations.


I hope you find it useful.



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