City's STR Licensing Policy Proposal Excludes JADUs

City's STR Licensing Policy Proposal Excludes JADUs

If the policy is designed to safeguard the peace, safety, and general welfare of existing neighborhoods (i.e., prevent houses w/absentee hosts from having crowded, out of control parties regularly), how does that give cause to exclude JADUs from being marketed as STRs.  The policy defines allowable STRs as, among other things, all or a portion of a single family residence. The CA Law defines a JADU as part of a single family residence.  A 460 square foot studio, with the owner on-site is not a threat for crowded out of control parties. How can this specific issue be addressed?  Has it been addressed in other Cities?  Thanks!

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Hi @Paula,

Thanks!  I have sent emails to my CA State Rep and Senator requesting they intercede with the City Counsel to ensure there are no contradictions in their proposed STR Licensing ordinance under consideration and CA State law with respect to JADUs being inside of a single family residence (by CA legal definition) and thus ought to be eligible for STR licensing.