Douglas County Kansas property tax increase

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Lawrence, KS

Douglas County Kansas property tax increase

Hi everyone, the Douglas county tax appraiser sent out notices last week that if you operate an Airbnb or other short term rental on your property, you are liable to pay commercial property tax rates.  It’s an absolute outrage that they are trying to push this through and it looks like the protocol is that when you get your annual tax valuation on your property, you will have to file for an appeal If you disagree that your property should pay commercial tax rates.  I was told by Bradley Eldridge, the county tax appraiser, that they are going to take percentage of your property used and the amount of bookings to make exceptions and adjustments.  
I think if Airbnb hosts got together and discussed this issue, we could effectively fight back against this ridiculous approach.  It will just take some organization— Would anybody in the community like to help?

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@Jennifer2998 I realise Douglas County Kansas is important to folks who live there but I doubt there are many of them in the Community Centre. Far better to find a local Airbnb Facebook group or a Facebook group for Douglas County.

…unless you're not on Facebook.  Thanks for your input.

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If you want to reach hosts in your local community to help you fight these proposals I'm sure you'll spend 2-3 minutes to set up a FB account @Jennifer2998 😀😀😀

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Hi Jennifer,

We have received the same letter and are in the same situation. I don't really use Facebook and don't know if there is any helpful resources on there. Feel free to message me if you find any good information or resources. Thank you

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Lawrence, KS

Hi Jennifer!  Take a look at this, from the Kansas Department of Revenue.  I think Brad may not have read it:


Directive 23-039 Classification and Valuation of Bed and Breakfast Facilities (Supersedes #19-039) (...

Yes!  Agreed!  I think we actually might have a contact in common (Kristin) …let’s totally fight this!

there is  a group  in  Nextdoor